December 2017


Sources just revealed the drunken moment that set off the Trump-Russia investigation

They teach spies not to drink alcohol for fear of spilling secrets in their drunken stupor. Loose lips sink ships was a famous saying during World War II. Yet none of these adages managed to penetrate the brain of Trump foreign policy campaign aide George Papadopoulos when he went drinking in London in May […]

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Die-Hard Trump Voters Lash Out At Trump, ‘I Don’t Understand How It Could Be Worse’

Unhappy Trump voters—they are becoming commonplace in America now, with the numbers growing every day. Many of them are shocked that Trump lied on the campaign trail while others look at his behavior with the horror of realizing that the voted for a 71-year-old child. But then there are the 13% of Trump voters who […]

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White House intern flashes ‘white power’ sign with Trump

Former White House intern Jack Breuer held up a ‘white power’ sign during a photo-op with President Trump and fellow interns in the East Room in November Breuer made the same gesture that alt-right protesters made at Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, along with Richard Spencer and Milo Yiannopoulos The sign only works if made with […]

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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton rank most admired in Gallup poll

CLOSE Who do Americans admire the most? Aaron Dickens has the story. Buzz60 Former president Barack Obama beat out President Donald Trump in Gallup’s poll of most admired man and woman.(Photo: Martin Bureau, AFP/Getty Images)   Former president Barack Obama is still America’s most admired man, according to Gallup’s Most Admired Man and Woman poll published Wednesday.  Obama, […]

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President Donald Trump Latest Tweetstorm Targets FBI, Russia Dossier | MSNBC

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Trump slams Russia dossier as ‘bogus’

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White House denies Trump’s alleged comments on immigrants

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Axelrod: Trump damaging institution of the White House

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Ivanka Trump flubs tax bill praise

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A Trump Christmas Carol

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