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  1. J
    What's if after the 30 days you display the top three action takers . That's what you call motivation. everyone will hustle to create and build their business like they never did before of they know it will be on display…just an idea

  2. J
    You're content for your training should be a checklist of daily actions that we all can follow after the 30 days.

    1.Set up a blog
    2.find a product to launch jack
    3.set up your autoresponder
    4.create a video application for approval
    5.create a bonus Page
    6.create custom made bonuses
    7.create a view video
    8.learn to structure the review and practice the script
    9.intergrate to the autoresponder
    10.adding content to your blog

    And repeat the process on a daily basis for the 30 days
    Just an Idea

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