5 Super Affiliate Tricks That You MUST See | 5 Affiliate Marketing Tricks You NEED To Know

5 Super Affiliate Tricks That You MUST See | 5 Affiliate Marketing Tricks You NEED To Know

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In this video, I’m showing you 5 of the best “Tricks” that you can start using in your business starting today.

I hope you enjoy!

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17 Replies to “5 Super Affiliate Tricks That You MUST See | 5 Affiliate Marketing Tricks You NEED To Know”

  1. Mr. Jono, Hey man, I'm on your site going through the launch jacking material and the other videos as well. I'm all in man! I'm implementing immediately!! I was wondering, I know at the time you promoted syndlab and tube rank machine, you had certain bonuses. Your bonuses are always the best from what I know, and I'm gaining a tremendous deal of knowledge from your site, SO I was wondering if there would be any way that you could hook me up with a bonus package for purchasing both products together. I know you know the bonuses that would complement said software the best, and honestly sir, I'm just trying to get this thing going and off on the best foot possible. I'm ready to make it happen! I plan on launch jacking a while and then venturing into promoting things like Kartra and builderall, software like these that are monthly recurring. I just need to get a few milestones out of the way and a few wins under my belt. The confidence should help me move forward with those promotions. From an amazing marketer like yourself, ANYTHING would be a great help. Thank you for your time sir

  2. So let's see. No1 Don't use Youtube as they place ads on YOUR video which can send people away to a rival's promotion, and thus leak traffic.Tip No3, search out people reviewing the same product … so that you can place your ad on their video, and redirect THEIR traffic before their video rolls … effectively you're their 'rival' competitor appearing on THEIR video which you dislike in the first tip as you leak traffic!! So it's OK for you to steal traffic from another video, but not on your own !

  3. Hi Jono, I got LiveBlaster to halve their five hundred dollar deal; but, you're talking about youtube traffic leakage. Do you think LiveBlaster is still worth it? They say they'll give me everything plus the Blaster master class(which is local marketing).

    I'll get my V.A. check tonight most likely; so, I was planning on paying this 250 dollars to finish off all the LIveBlaster tonight.

  4. Excellent value as always, Thank you Jono
    Can I ask you a question off topic. Having trouble with Limitless traffic what is the support email?
    Have tried brendanmace@live.com and brendanjono5upport@gmail.com no response from either. I also tried Jonnas since I met you all in Portugal:-)

  5. Very good tips, especially the ad hack from others, but if you use another video service provider to host your review videos, how will it get you more sales FROM youtube? isn't that "shooting you in the foot?"

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