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Last year we launched Multistore Builder, the first 6-in-one affiliate store builder, which was a massive success grossing over $140,000+ during its launch and helping new users get their big win online.

However, based on the feedback and our own knowledge of being top affiliates, there was room to make it even more powerful and help users get results far easier in 2018. That’s why the developers have spent the last several months coding many new features and improving the usability to create an far more advanced version that now comes with in-depth affiliate education as well. It’s divided into two main parts.


Promoting physical products from Amazon, Aliexpress, and more is attractive because there’s no fulfillment needed and the products have built in need and social proof. It’s a great place to get your first win online, like I did actually.

BUT, the problem with all other affiliate store builder softwares and plugins are they is no real incentive for a potential buyer to actively seek out and return to your store vs just going straight to Amazon, AliExpress, BestBuy, etc. and buying the product right there today.

Alterzon is the first ever affiliate store builder to finally fix this issue. It does away with generic ‘niche’ affiliate stores and builds fully customizable ‘authority’ affiliate stores that provide more value to the end buyer than the generic listings will do with new features ‘all-in-one’ to help run a longterm affiliate marketing business.


To help guarantee results, buyers are also getting the entire Alterzon Affiliate Authority System on the front end. This is a multi-module, HD video training integrated on that will show them how to build a responsive list and create valuable, authority review sites for physical ecommerce products, software, or digital ones.

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Get Alterzon +Bonuses Here:

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15 Replies to “Alterzon Review – [WARNING] DON'T GET ALTERZON WITHOUT MY **CUSTOM** BONUSES!!”

  1. Hi there, i'm really interest about it
    but there are some questions that i want to ask to you about this product
    can you explain it 🙂

    1. like i can see, when we upload our product is using our affiliate link right?
    but i still confused how about when people want to order from our website?
    after they buy our product? we should buy it from our supplyer or not?
    is it automatic order to our link?

    2. Does we need to build website? buy domain and hosting?
    3. How about if we doesn't know how to build website?
    4. About Email list,,when we get their email,,what should we do?
    we promoted our product? how about if we don't know how to make sales later for promote it?
    5. How about the templete of that store? i saw there are 2 kind of templete website
    Template for fashion and bicycle? how about if we want to sell another product?
    is there any template for it?
    6. How about the TRAFFIC? are we using pay traffic? or free traccif?
    7. Last one, have you already try it?? and how about the result? did you get income from using it?

    I will very happy if you can answer me by email
    this is my email :

    thank you so much
    hope you can answer my question soon as possible 🙂

  2. I purchased the pro and platinum version already, installed and inserted amazon, ebay keys, then stuck at there, the full training course you talking about here is not related to e-commerce at all, it belong to affiliate and digital products,
    I sent several support tickets ,, asking them to help with theme and a better display of my page always they answer after 24 hrs saying they will get back soon and if I need any more help? what pathetic and clumsy this to be? I have all records and evidences in case needed to prove what i am saying,, anyway will cancel it and throw this time wasting away as I did for shopmozo before,, no any quality of support

  3. Hi Jono, good review mate and some great bonuses. I'm seriously considering buying, seems a lot better than Affilecom, which I got recently. Do you know if this software can cope with other currencies and countries other than just Amazon US etc. I am UK based so would obviously like to cover ours and other countries as well. Cheers mate.

  4. Oh man! I just got this from another link. I got Bloom from your link earlier, but I didn't receive any email on your Alterzon offer.
    Is there anyway I can get the bonus? I'm really pissed right now…

  5. Hi Jono, Got the Alterzon FE and OTO1 thru the link you provided in this video. Proof of purchase is: Transaction Id: AP-51L049336N699774B
    Date: Thursday 25th of January 2018 07:55:37 PM
    Product Name: Alterzon Pro
    Price: $25.97
    Seller: Ben Murray
    Status: Paid
    Affiliate: Jono Armstrong
    Affiliate ID: 686089
    Please provide the bonuses you offered in the video
    Thanks,John Price

  6. The "Free" adword spend works like this: $100.00 free adspend means you have to pay $9.99 and the mandatory $25.00 adspend you have to give google before they allow you to use the $100.00 voucher. This means your paying
    ($35.00) to get the free $100.00 adword voucher. A game changing strategy! The only tedious bit is having to open a new google account with each $100.00 voucher you use. If these 2 points don't faze you, then you will kill with this strategy. This is the BEST way to find youtube monitized video's to place your ads on.

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