Billionaire Bill Gates Basically Just Told Donald Trump and the Republican Party to Go to Hell

Bill Gates, whose name used to be synonymous with Microsoft, has become even better known for his global charitable actions. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation donates hundreds of millions of dollars each year, sometimes directly, other times via grants. It is estimated that the massive non-profit has donated almost $40 billion from Bill Gates himself.

Gates famously partnered with billionaire Warren Buffet to start the Giving Pledge, in which billionaires earmark at least half of their wealth for charitable causes rather than created a cycle entitled legacy-wealth for the foreseeable generations of their families.

Bill Gates famously said of his altruism, “It doesn’t relate to any particular religion; it’s about human dignity and equality. The golden rule that all lives have equal value and we should treat people as we would like to be treated.”

TIME recently interviewed Gates about the cause he is currently focusing on: Alzheimer’s research. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is investing $100 million, half of which will go to the Dementia Discovery Fund, which is a includes philanthropic, government and pharmaceutical partners. Per TIME:

“Gates points out a few areas where he hopes his investment can help, from coordinating and analyzing the massive amounts of data being collected on people with Alzheimer’s — including those in the many trials of drug treatments — to better understanding new areas of research, such as how the immune system affects the disease. Currently, more than five million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease, and experts say that number could balloon to 16 million by 2050 and cost more than $1 billion to treat if new treatments aren’t developed.”

Juxtapose this against our president for a moment. Trump prioritized eliminating the estate tax so that he and his cronies could continue to keep their scumbag offspring obscenely wealthy in perpetuity.

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