27 Replies to “Brendan's New House [House Tour & Motivation]”

  1. Well Well Boys this looks like a shot from the movie WHY HIM lol my favorite is the steam shower now that's awesome Beautiful House Brendan and Jono your great at taking video nice place to just sit and look at the view p.s yea once you try a bodai you never want to go back to an original.

  2. Jono, I bought the GoodWill and applied for the LastCode(GoodWill) on Warrior+ as instructed inside the Members Area.
    Could you please approve me so I can start implementing it ASAP? My Warrior+ account is cornel.g99@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance…

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  4. Very beautiful house Brendan congrats for your smart work for your honest effort .it is a dream house for me…I will really want to happen this with me in nearest future. – Gagan(Mohit)

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