Business Tips: My Honest Opinion on Hard Work, Hustle, Rest, and Sleep | DailyVee 416

Business Tips: My Honest Opinion on Hard Work, Hustle, Rest, and Sleep | DailyVee 416

Awesome Tip: My Honest Opinion on Hard Work, Hustle, Rest, and Sleep | DailyVee 416

If you’re truly doing what you love, it won’t feel like you’re actually working… Even though I talk a lot about hard work and hustle, I still take some time off on the weekends to spend with my family, watch Jets games, and rest. Just because I put so much emphasis on working hard doesn’t mean that I’m remotely trying to say that you shouldn’t be sleeping or not resting… I’m trying to say that you should be using the time that you have while awake wisely and productively.

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20 Replies to “Business Tips: My Honest Opinion on Hard Work, Hustle, Rest, and Sleep | DailyVee 416”

  1. I need help getting past the 75 hour weekly threshold. I would rather squeeze all my work into 13 days and then take the 14th day off and then cycle that schedule. Instead, it’s just working every day for the past 6, 7 months, but because I sizzle out past the 12, 13 hour mark and can’t do more, it also means I haven’t been able to carve out a day off. I will get there one day…if Elon Musk can get to 100 hours, so can I.

  2. Hey Gary I have been consuming your content for years (including seeing you in person in Virginia) and today this one hit me where I needed to be hit. I first saw you in a very rough place in my life and I can just tell you how much difference a year and a half makes. Thanks man!

  3. When he mentions people sending him emails about being homeless and then being better. I was honestly homeless and living in my car when I started watching Gary last year. Not ashamed to admit it. Ive always worked fulltime and hustled. My life is changing. I got a place. Got a new car. And starting a small drone business. All while maintaining a side hustle and doing my best as a parent. Gary 100 percent has helped push me to better myself and not give up. Thanks Gary from the bottom of my heart!

  4. I remember how he emphasized the importance of sleep in one of his videos…it made me feel better that there were some nights that I went to bed late and woke up later than four or five am. It’s important to be realistic with a routine for success that you will stick to- for me that’s getting up at six am. I tried four and five am and didn’t work but six am is more realistic for me- gets me enough sleep and is still early.

  5. I’m 19 years old and I just got into spirituality and I guess finding the real me or higher me but in that process I learned that to get there I have to find the root cause of my traumas first so long story short I feel like as far as my philosophy, skills and mental tools that I’ve obtained so far in life they are still at a child’s level literally even my emotional state of being still gets effected easy like a kid(on the inside I was raised in the inner city)But my point of saying that is to say idrc about being vulnerable in the type of sense of people knowing I struggle in those areas I only care about actually struggling in them but I don’t just follow anybody as a teacher I want to see what your really like and besides money what’s your intention truly in life but I would be truly honored to spend a month with you learning anything you would be willing to teach

  6. Sounds like you're saying you have to put in 15 hours/day. You don't. That's simply not true. Every part of the business can be outsourced. Don't be a slave in your own company. "But it doesn't feel like hard work". That sounds very much like denial. If you can't -not do it yourself, then the model is just a time waster. What about people who have 10 businesses? You're telling me 150 hours/day? False. How about… zero? I think that a business should be like a car. You can build your own, you can buy one, but once you have it, why on earth would you push it yourself and act like that makes you cool? :))

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