The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child

All White Houses leak. Sometimes the leaks are big, sometimes small. But there are always people willing to talk to reporters about the “real” story or about why the chief executive made a mistake in regard to some decision he made. That said, I’ve never seen so much leaking so quickly — and with such […]

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Connelly: Big Republican majority says colleges negatively influence country | Seattle Informer

A majority of the nation’s Republicans believe that colleges and universities are having a negative influence on the direction of America, according to a new national Pew Research poll. Original published: 2017-07-10 20:16:29 Read the full Seattle News here Some local news is curated – Original might have been posted at a different date/ time! […]

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Republicans Would Have Lost It Had Obama Pressured States to Turn Over Personal Voter Information

Before Barack Obama was even elected president in 2008, conservatives were already pushing a litany of ridiculous conspiracies against him. Most notably, the blatantly racist birther conspiracy, still believed by millions of Republicans, that claims Obama’s birth certificate is fake and he was never eligible to be president. That, of course, is the same conspiracy […]

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9 things you should know about Prime Day 2017

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Here are 5 disturbing things you should know about Trump’s likely VP pick Mike Pence

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is rumored to have decided on Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his potential vice presidential running mate, after much consideration. That could result in a disaster if Pence’s record for PR failures is any indication. Here are the top five things anyone should know about Mike Pence that could make […]

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BREAKING: Top Justice Department Official Resigns, Reveals Information On Trump

[embedded content] One of the Justice Department’s top corporate crime watchdogs has just resigned, saying she can’t work for Trump or the administration anymore due to their highly questionable conduct. Hui Chen has worked for the Justice Department ever since 2015 and has been in charge of enforcing criminal laws against corporations. She released this […]

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Kryon Gives Advanced Information on Achieving Perfect Synchronicity With Spirit

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Information, Evolution, and intelligent Design – With Daniel Dennett

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New Planet x information with Nibiru Expert Bob Fletcher July 7th 2017

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Duterte signs order on Freedom of Information

(4th UPDATE) President Rodrigo Duterte signs an executive order mandating full public disclosure of all offices under the executive branch Published 10:11 AM, July 24, 2016 Updated 5:12 PM, July 24, 2016 EXECUTIVE ORDER. President Rodrigo Duterte during a press conference in Malacañang Palace, June 2016. File photo from Malacañang MANILA, Philippines (4th UPDATE) – […]

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