Conservative Pleads With GOPs To Stop Trump Before He Wrecks Our Country

A handful of of influential Republican lawmakers, such as Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Senator John McCain of Arizona, have publicly spoken out against Trump and the various ways his presidency has demonstrated his failure as a leader.

However, as a whole the Republican party’s lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have continued to circle the wagons around Trump, regardless how many times he viciously attacks them. By refusing to collectively stand up to Trump and check his impulsive and dangerous actions, the Republican leadership has established itself as enablers of Trump and the dismantling of our society he has been causing. One conservative recently pleaded with Republican leaders to finally get the courage to check Trump before he succeeds in wrecking “everything America stands for.”

MSNBC reporter Nicolle Wallace has serious conservative bona fides, as she formerly served as White House Communications Director during the administration of former Republican President George W. Bush. Wallace, who opposes Trump, recently made her impassioned plea to Republican lawmakers in Washington during a conversation with Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, who also opposes Trump. Mentioning how Sen. Corker said how he was concerned that Trump’s actions could lead us into World War III, Schmidt stated, “[Corker is saying] the White House is essentially adult day care. The president of the United States, mentally, is incapacitated at some level, and how profoundly worried he is about it.” He continued, “We have seen smallness, we have seen the moral obtusity after Charlottesville, the collapse of his moral authority for all time. The first time, talking about the good nazis that are marching, but now we see American citizens, our country men, dying in Puerto Rico because of the malfeasance and incompetence of this administration, and the serial dishonesty the lack of credibility.”

Schmidt then addressed President Trump’s unprecedented hostility toward the press, noting, “It’s not for nothing that they call it First Amendment. In a free society, we cannot maintain liberty without the freedom of expression, of speech, of religion. There has never been an American president that has openly attacked the First Amendment the way that Donald Trump did. These are attacks that are at a foundational level on some of the most important pillars of American society.” Finally, Wallace jumped in, asking, “It is startling, right?” She then called out conservative politicians, demanding bluntly, “Why isn’t there one person among the 16 Republican opponents who were willing to say, ‘It might cost me my spot in this race, but I’m going to go down having said what you just said. That he is dangerous. That he doesn’t understand what makes us great. Why won’t Raul Ryan do that now?’” Nicolle then declared that the president might “potentially ruin everything America stands for,” and asked, “Why don’t they see it as part of their jobs to be willing to lose their jobs to save the country.” Are you glad Wallace just held gutless Republicans’ feet to the fire about their continued support for Trump? Watch the full conversation below:

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