Die-Hard Trump Voters Lash Out At Trump, ‘I Don’t Understand How It Could Be Worse’

Unhappy Trump voters—they are becoming commonplace in America now, with the numbers growing every day. Many of them are shocked that Trump lied on the campaign trail while others look at his behavior with the horror of realizing that the voted for a 71-year-old child.

But then there are the 13% of Trump voters who also voted for Obama.

Vice news talked to some of these voters, seeing how they felt about their votes one year later and found that they are a bit torn.

“Honestly, I don’t understand how it could be worse,” said Warren Rogers. “When he started filling his Cabinet spots with his family, and then when he evicted the FBI chief,” he told me. “I view it as completely disrespectful to the process of democracy. I don’t think you could have handled the events of Charlottesville worse if you tried.” But his support of the real estate mogul was never full-throated, he added: “I was never super comfortable with my vote for Trump. I viewed myself as not voting for Hillary. I viewed myself as somebody who could support Mike Pence, and the way it’s going now, we’ll be getting a lot more Mike Pence maybe, if we could be so lucky.”

Others are still enamored with Trump, such as Lutki Gayop. “Giving up on Trump is like giving up on America, ” he said. “I like that Trump is on the side of capitalism. Ever since I was a kid, I always followed Donald Trump as a New Yorker… Certain things that he says are kind of out of line, but he also says a lot of the things that I want to hear. Trump comes out whichever way he feels and puts out whatever is on his mind. I like honesty.”

Check out Vice for the full report.

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