Donald Trump called Kim Jong-un ‘Rocket Man’

“Modern day Presidential”. That’s how Donald Trump describes his Twitter presence. Liberals on Twitter have even advocated banning the President from its service for violating its terms and conditions. Yet, Trump existing on Twitter is a massive marketing and financial gift for the company. They’ll never ban their number-one cash cow.

Perhaps Trump is the avatar of Twitter itself. He delivers his thoughts in short sound-bites, little fragmented pieces meant to be cheered or booed. He doesn’t elaborate – he just says what he feels and that’s that. He’s the perfect person to embody what Twitter is and means for the 21st century, for ill or for boon.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, President Trump was in one of his private New Jersey clubs, and between 7:40 am and 9:05 am, he went on a Twitter rampage, retweeting a total of 15 Tweets in a flurry of feverish thumb-acrobatics. Here’s the one that’s making the most impact: a hilarious Elton John-inspired Tweet calling Kim Jong-un the famous ‘Rocket Man’.

You’ve gotta hand it to the guy, he sure knows how to rile people up with a Tweet. One wonders if that’s his entire intention. A grinning old man scrolling down the timeline, he stumbles upon something that makes him laugh, and he retweets it with the intention of controlling an entire news cycle. Whether he’s smart or a fool, by now he knows that he can rile up his media enemies rather easily using a tweet or two.

Sure, he’s taunting North Korea, but it changes nothing about the situation. Both parties know that they’re not on good terms and that nukes are aimed and ready from the United States. I’m not seeing the need for outrage. But outrage is here.

Come on, if you’re getting outraged at a joke at Kim Jong-un’s expense, you’ll literally get outraged at anything. But Trump’s Twitter feed is an endless scroll of trolling and offbeat humor.

This retweet from July 2nd stirred up major headlines, showing the President tackling and fighting CNN in a wrestling match.

Do you think it’s wrong for the President of the United States to retweet or endorse GIFs that include violence? Or is it rather a kind of slapstick comedy that people are taking too seriously? What about challenging world leaders on the platform? Isn’t it, in some ways, just a new digital form of giving a speech or a brief address?

The President sure enjoys his comedy, that’s for sure. And that wasn’t the only thing he retweeted. His spree included numerous other tweets from supporters, and a few hilarious/wishful thinking photographs.

This is the Trump train:

An electoral map that looks rather sun-roasted, red like a lobster:

Dragging jobs back to America over his own shoulder. I mean, these are quite funny.

He even retweeted an article citing a market analyst who believes that Donald Trump’s presence on Twitter is giving the company $2 billion worth of value. Crazy, right? The man knows how to wild out on Twitter. He would even make Kanye West jealous.

All in all, I think it’s healthiest not to take Trump’s Twitter feed too seriously. He’s got a sense of humor, at the very least, but I care more to see what he does with policy rather than what goofy content he finds himself enjoying early in the morning. Separate what he says from what he does, and you’ll find yourself with more clarity and less outrage. And that’s all for the best in such an overwhelming age. We didn’t evolve to deal with so much digital stimulus. We all need to narrow our gaze, and our emotional responses. Otherwise, we’re all just getting trolled.

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