ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: [Anti-]Racism at Sunset | Kyle Chong | TEDxMSU

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: [Anti-]Racism at Sunset | Kyle Chong | TEDxMSU

Here’s Great Tip: [Anti-]Racism at Sunset | Kyle Chong | TEDxMSU

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What does it mean to treat “anti-racism,” or “social justice” as an orientation, rather than a destination? Kyle L. Chong (he.him.his) shares his experience as an Asian American social studies teacher educator, and a pessimist in a hopeful profession, to reflect on recent anti-Asian racism, xenophobia, and hate. His talk pushes educators, and those who care about the kids in our communities to think about how important solidarity and coalition are in this moment when we are on a horizon of educational justice that is an orientation, not a destination. Kyle Chong is a Ph.D. Student in the Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education program in the College of Education at Michigan State University researching social studies teacher education, anti-racist teaching, and curriculum studies. In addition to his work in teacher education, Kyle has conducted research in Asia as well as work with Asian American teachers. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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