ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Captivating software design | Jackson Stone | TEDxUTChattanooga

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Captivating software design | Jackson Stone | TEDxUTChattanooga

Here’s Great Tip: Captivating software design | Jackson Stone | TEDxUTChattanooga

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Software is now ubiquitous in the modern work place, and over the years, the power of these programs has increased drastically in terms of what they can do. However, an aspect of design that has not been developed with the same positive trend is the actual experience of using these programs. Our workplace software can do great things, but using most of them is a dull, draining, and frequently frustrating experience. Can this be fixed, and is it worth the effort? This talk will argue “yes,” and give starting points for achieving more captivating software design.

As a computer science major at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Jackson Stone has many opportunities to develop his talents and explore his interests in technology and its role in our lives. He earned a prestigious internship to study and develop software at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and afterward has used his skills to develop apps.

His interest extends beyond how the technology works and into making technology work for people. His latest app, Color Locks, was developed with a team of fellow students and encourages users to channel their inner artists in a series of color matching and mixing challenges.

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8 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Captivating software design | Jackson Stone | TEDxUTChattanooga”

  1. I just thought that is a normal lecture with an interesting title but actually, this man inspires me and point out how amazing software can do with the thing is considering boring, thank, I will remind that ability.

  2. Captivating? Business is not about fun. It's about getting work done. On the interface, it's about having fields grouped correctly, using labels that are meaningful, having the correct field and tab order, using correct metaphors etc. In the database it's about using ERD's (Does this guy even know what that is?) to correctly group the data for building tables. As far as I can tell, even the most prestigious universities don't teach anything about building the applications people use to run businesses.

  3. This presentation does not say anything that pretty much every software developer and designer doesn't already know and is trying to achieve. But he doesn't offer any solutions or substantial, usable suggestions.

    Comparing game software design to design software like Excel or Photoshop is absurd. The game designers of 1995 would have created games like they do today back then if they could. It was not a failure of design imagination but one of technology limitations. Besides, they are usually trying to emulate real life with all its complexity.

    How many ways can you change the design of a spreadsheet (without confusing people)? How many ways can you edit an image? The real world counter part is painting on a canvas using a palette which is pretty much what Photoshop tries to emulate. Does Jackson Stone think we should be able to fly while typing data into cells or adding drawing lines on the screen? Of course, he doesn't. But he doesn't say anything about what we should do (besides an oblique look at his own app which bears little resemblance in terms of problem-space).

    Apps like Excel and Photoshop have stayed the same for 10+ years because they largely work and people understand how to use them not because of laziness or lack of imagination on the part of the UI designers. People also do actually want consistency between software versions – think of the resistance to and complaints about MS Office Ribbon (which was actually quite good and most people took to it in the end). I'm all for innovation but changes to existing UI must be done very carefully and slowly. Even new types of software follow mostly old design principles if they work. Innovation for it's own sake is just counter-productive (for user and business).

    After all the criticism of existing UI I expected Jackson Stone to show some amazing innovative ideas in UI design that would inspire us but he offered very little besides a very brief glance at some software that bears very little resemblance to the kind of software people work with every day.

    For this reason, this is one of the most disappointing and lacking in substance presentations I have watched on Ted or Tedx. I welcome being given reasons why I should think otherwise.

  4. This is an interesting way to combat the fatigue from a typical work day! The power of stimulating our brains with the capabilities of our latest software, matched with the enjoyment of gaming is a brilliant conclusion of what we can achieve if businesses and corporations see the potential of creating environments with a purported level of  stimulation when people work đŸ˜€Â 

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