ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Enemy #1: Self-Sabotaging Internal Dialogue | Dave Blanchard | TEDxRiverton

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Enemy #1: Self-Sabotaging Internal Dialogue | Dave Blanchard | TEDxRiverton

Here’s Great Tip: Enemy #1: Self-Sabotaging Internal Dialogue | Dave Blanchard | TEDxRiverton

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– When was the last time someone cared about you enough to listen to the point where you felt totally understood? Dave Blanchard shares what he believes is the #1 secret in all ventures- The greatest gift we can give someone is for someone to feel understood. Dave Blanchard is the CEO of The Og Mandino Leadership Institute. He has delivered over five hundred speeches everywhere from Boston to Budapest—literally. His audiences include entrepreneurs, sales and marketing teams, business executives, health professionals, college and professional athletes, college students, couples, and teachers. Dave’s presentations are always fun, engaging, warm, and riveting. Dave has a gift for inspiring people to be their very best. He is entertaining but this is not about entertainment.
Dave is the best selling author of three books, Today I Begin a New Life—Intentional Creation, The Observer’s Chair—The Miracle of Healing Self-Esteem, and Equanimity—Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur. In addition, Dave created the Habit Finder™ Profile and related coaching material, the Intentional Creation Assessment, and the InterviewIC Assessment, which is used by companies during their hiring processes.
Over 100,000 individuals have completed the proprietary Habit Finder™ Profile: www.habitfinder.com. The profile is a proprietary application of the formal science of axiological mathematics and Cantor’s Transfinite Calculus. It measures with laser accuracy a person’s habits of thinking and presents the results in an easy to understand format. Dave has personally debriefed over 6,500 profiles and coached over 4,000 clients. It is fair to say Dave knows more about how people think and the impact it is having on their lives than almost anyone on the planet.
Along with his responsibilities as a CEO and a full coaching and consulting practice, Dave is also writing the screenplay for the feature film, The Greatest Salesman in the World and writing two new books, Adore Me—What Every Woman Wants A Man To Know and The Enough Principle– How to Create Really Big Dreams.
Dave prizes one thing above all else and that is Ramona, his sweetheart of 43 years. They share a “storybook” love and have raised seven children and currently have twenty-seven grandchildren.
Dave is honored to be invited to participate in TEDxRiverton. He is coming to serve and create value. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. My life has been forever changed since hearing Dave Blanchard share this message! To say the least, the healing inside is nothing short of a miracle and now I choose for all of my life experiences, especially the most painful ones to be the very fuel that propels me to live a life of great purpose, meaning, and significance in the service of others! Dave, the gift in you that you gave to me continues to bless my life and thousands of others since I started learning from you and the Og Mandino Habit Finder Coaching team! With massive love, Alex McMillan

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