ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How to save tourism from itself | Doug Lansky | TEDxStockholmSalon

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How to save tourism from itself | Doug Lansky | TEDxStockholmSalon

Here’s Great Tip: How to save tourism from itself | Doug Lansky | TEDxStockholmSalon

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Doug Lansky is a travel writer turned tourism advisor who works with destinations around the world. He is considered a thought leader in the industry and speaks regularly at travel, hotel, airport, and tech conferences. For this TEDx talk, Doug wanted to look at a new model for success in tourism that emphasizes sustainable growth, protecting local assets, and enhancing life for the locals while maximizing the local economic impact. Doug Lansky has been called a tourism development thought leader. He advises destinations and tourism companies around the world – from Singapore to Aruba, Google Travel to Amadeus – on strategic branding, marketing issues, visitor experience, industry trends and sustainability. Doug has a background as a travel journalist, author and editor with 20 years of experience writing for publications that range from National Geographic Traveler to The Guardian to Lonely Planet to Skift, and traveled to over 100 countries. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

40 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How to save tourism from itself | Doug Lansky | TEDxStockholmSalon”

  1. I disagree with about half of his statements. People do not travel without purpose – maybe not a purpose he likes, but with a purpose none the less. Whether it is to to take a week away to unwind from work, or entertain your children for an afternoon, there is always a purpose. No one spends money on something they don't have a purpose for. No one shows up at the airport, buys a random ticket to a location and lands and thinks what am I doing here? I agree that we must protect natural destinations (like the Wave in the video) and sacred Indigenous locations (Ayers Rock in Australia for instance), but if you are on a budget and the main attraction for your tourism travel is on a lottery basis that you likely won't get a ticket for, you likely won't go there. When talking about "that place in Orlando" he is obviously speaking about Disney. Unless the entire world goes broke, Disney will continue to make money even if they put a 50% cap on capacity – they continue to hike prices so the capacities don't matter. The rich want to say they stayed at one of the best hotels in WDW and were able to do this that and the other thing while there. They will pay for it. And the middle class and lower class can no longer afford to visit. A lot of his comments were focused on people who can afford any type of travel, like going to Palau! Who can afford to go to Palau??? Only the rich! I bet the majority of Americans have never even heard of Palau or would know why they would travel there – it's the scuba diving.

  2. Disappointed D. Lanksy did not talk about compensating Greenhouse gases emissions while travelling nor a compulsory "eco-tax" for tourist in the destination. To be used to fund sustainable community projects. This is something that already exist and can do now. Choosing the most efficient plane is not gonna do it.

  3. The Silent Aircraft initiative was conducted decades ago to figure out how to make planes over London quieter. Turns out the very same thing that makes planes quiet also makes them fuel efficient. We could be making much more efficient planes, but nobody will buy those planes because they look weird (flying wings with over-wing engines) and very few people would have window seats.

  4. Having those set and fewer numbers of tourists allowed in one location per year will drive up the prices of those tickets, moving towards having only rich people being able to travel.

  5. I liked the beginning and the end as it correlates with my believes in sustainability but the overconsumption that is suggested in the middle doesn’t make sense in the long run either. That way you are not only going to destroy Tourism but also the planet

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  8. 16:30 well I and my girlfriend went to Stockholm from Cologne, just before the coronavirus crisis popped-up, and we flew there with just paying 38 Euros for a round trip for two-person. But of course, we were lucky to find kind of a deal! If we went there by train, also there is no direct trip you need to change to the bus after a point, it cost around 100 to 130 Euros for a 1-way ticket for only one person. So it was not a hard decision to take for us 🙂

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  10. I am looking at this issue from a housing perspective. It seems that our politicians simply think that more and more tourism is an inherently good thing and they have no concern about those of us who live in residential apartment buildings (that we own). To many residents now have to put up with tourists looking for a cheap holiday in our home (literally) and coming in an out. Its destroying the neighborhood. It is often the case that they dont even realise they are in a residential building. Airbnb has been a disaster and now there are dozens of platforms and agents cashing in. The new management model must surely put 'stop taking housing from locals' as the first principle. The licensed regulated tourist accommodation sector does at least create real jobs even if they are still working on a linear model. Thanks for your perspective and for sharing.

  11. Great talk! But how do we return the balance to urban tourism without pricing out budget travelers? (ie reducing the number of people who can visit a popular destination makes the prices go up, so only the rich can afford the flights, hotel rooms and museum visits)

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