ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Professional traveler | Sahar Toosi | TEDxIUST

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Professional traveler | Sahar Toosi | TEDxIUST

Here’s Great Tip: Professional traveler | Sahar Toosi | TEDxIUST

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our delight is nearby The regrets that can turn into sweet reality. Sometimes we get away from doing what we like, because of responsibilities, difficulties or fear and Instead of doing that, we envied people who have to do that. Then we will take on responsibilities and, with justification, return to our daily routine, but still we will not be good. But apart from my commitments, I turn Regrets to a goal and my wish was a part of life today. I found my good mood. Did you find your good mood? Do you know where is it?

Sahar Tusi was born in 1982, and is a computer engineer in field of software. She has experience in various fields, like: teaching in high school, work in hospital and studying in seminary. She is the memorizer of the whole Quran as well.
Sahar Tusi has been traveling professionally for more than 5 years, she initially worked as a tour leader, but now she travels alone in Iran and abroad in different styles and ways to break the women traveling alone taboo. She believe that her true love was mountain, nature and travel that she had achieved now. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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