ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Seeing Bangladesh in a Positive Light: Mikey Leung at TEDxDhaka

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Seeing Bangladesh in a Positive Light: Mikey Leung at TEDxDhaka

Here’s Great Tip: Seeing Bangladesh in a Positive Light: Mikey Leung at TEDxDhaka

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Bangladesh has long suffered with a negative international image that has hampered economic growth and slowed international tourism development. In this inspirational talk, Mikey Leung shows a new narrative of the country unknown to the rest of the world, while proposing that sustainable tourism could become a new pillar of economic growth and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh.

Mikey Leung is the co-author of The Bradt Travel Guide: Bangladesh. He is using images as a storytelling tool to tell a different story of Bangladesh. He is also the founder of Crowdsourced Travel, a media collective that aims to develop economic opportunities through travel and tourism to developing countries.
“What I’m asking you today is to discover the every day people inside the places you travel. By supporting small scale tourism initiatives, those who need your tourism dollars are more likely to benefit. It’s definitely not the easiest option, but Bangladesh taught me it was far more meaningful to travel this way


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31 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Seeing Bangladesh in a Positive Light: Mikey Leung at TEDxDhaka”

  1. In Bangladesh we just try to present the best we can to our guests no matter how poor we are. And if u are foreigner. May god help u. We will grab by ur hand and wont let u go unless u eat something. Yes we are madlads when it comes to hospitality…

  2. Wow thanks welcome to BangladeshIt is a peaceful place to visit 2018 Bangladesh is developing it's not like Pakistan and India. Bangladeshi people are friendly and all religion people live paceful

  3. We should however never undermine the very poverty and political, urbanism and cultural problems in Bangladesh.

    In an optimistic way, it sure is better to improve out country, but we should never limit ourselves by putting "THE BANGLADESHI PEOPLE" in one block. It undermines the fact that there is a huge income disparity and class disparity where the rich and the poor are like day and night and do not value things thw same way.

    Help the poor and make the city greener and cleaner with less cars instead of insinuating that the poor have enough. Non material values are life essentials to make one happy but it sounds very gready for a Westerner to say that they have enough.

    I think my people deserve better.

  4. #mekey_leung thnxs man that we always tried to say that , in western media it shows a lot more negative thing than positive things in Bangladesh . may god bless u .
    i agree we have negative views , every country does , but we also have vibrating colorful n energetic life . that we be a life long exotic experience for a traveler . if u are going in Bangladesh for holidays n want to just relax n have fun , directly go to Chittagong n from there to Coxs bazar . if want to see wild life direct go to shundorban , the largest mangrove forest in the world . if u want to do some energetic in holidays like tracking , than go to Bandorbon . just start your journey from Chitagong not from Dhaka , thn u will feel really less the rush of life n all the negative vibes . i m sure u will love all those places. we have many more destinations , start your Bangladesh will surprise u in every time u travel Bangladesh . the land of color sweet peoples #Bangladesh. one more thing vedio theme was really touching thxs bro . <3 <3

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