Gov. Mike Huckabee Offers Trump an Idea to Make Kim Jong Un Kill Himself, Infuriates Left

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee offered an idea to President Donald Trump Thursday morning: Get North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to kill himself. The proposed tactic? Have him spend time with flamboyant leftist Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

“After 1/2 hour with her he will drink whatever he gave to his 1/2 brother,” which is presumably poison.

Of course, leftists on Twitter were beside themselves with rage at Huckabee for criticizing Kim Jong Un and Waters. A “Mom Of Two” accused the former pastor of acting “un-Christian” and “mean-spirited”:

Others defended the North Korean leader, saying Huckabee should not be “wishing death” on him:

Feminist author Ellen Hopkins also decided to join the criticism against Huckabee, accusing him of not being “classy”:

Others simply accused him of being a fake “Bible believer”:

Criticizing Waters is a triggering offense among leftists, as public figures such as Bill O’Reilly and Alan Dershowitz are often shamed as “racists” every time they do it.

In a video directed at Waters this week, Dershowitz accused Waters of “crying wolf” and overusing the term “racist.”

“If everybody’s a racist, then no one is a racist,” he said. “If I am a racist, then what is she going to call real, real racism?”

Dershowitz said Waters should stop acting like a crime has occurred every time she is criticized on her policies.

“Being black does not give you a license to call someone a racist just like being Jewish doesn’t give you a license to call people anti-Semites unless they actually are racists or anti-Semites,” he said.

This is a commentary piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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