JUST IN: Trump Takes Unscheduled & Abrupt Saturday Vacation; Details Are Deplorable

Disrespecting the millions of Americans he is supposed to be leading, Donald Trump is continuing on with his tradition of treating the presidency like it’s a five day a week job.

Although Trump spent Saturday morning whining on Twitter about the media supposedly not covering his accomplishments thoroughly enough, he has now taken to the golf course for the third weekend in a row.

After an initial report from members of the White House press pool that Trump was on his way to an undisclosed location in “a white polo shirt, a white hat and dark pants” — in other words, golf clothes — MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin posted a report from the White House press pool on Twitter that the president had arrived at his personally branded golf club outside of D.C.

As Griffin notes, Saturday is the 74th day Trump has spent at the golf course since taking office, and it’s the 94th day that he has spent at a Trump branded property overall.

How many other so-called leaders spend over a fifth of their time on the job kicking it back on a personally branded golf course? Remember, this isn’t normal.

Additionally, it’s not just a vague sentiment to suggest that the president’s repeated golf trips indicate a lack of regard for the average American.

As MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin notes, the funeral of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of four U.S. soldiers killed recently in Niger, is this morning — and this is how Trump is spending his time. He called Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones four times in the short time before a football game to beg him to have his team members all stand for the anthem, but all Trump can spare for the families of fallen soldiers is a quick, curt call before taking off for the golf course.

Last weekend, Trump took to the golf course with Kentucky’s Senator Rand Paul, who worked with the president on the Executive Order Trump recently signed deregulating the national health insurance market. Trump’s repeated trips, as has been well documented at this point, have placed a significant strain on the nation’s financial resources.

Read Twitter’s response below.

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