Make $100 In The Next 12 Hours…. Act NOW!

Make $100 In The Next 12 Hours…. Act NOW!

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20 Replies to “Make $100 In The Next 12 Hours…. Act NOW!”

  1. Great info as usual. Thanks for the help. I wish I knew what to do once I have all of this ready. I have never gotten this far to make money, this will be my first so now what? You're my guy I have been watching you for a long time and haven't pulled the trigger I am today if I knew how to pull it.

  2. Hi Jono. Thanks much for looking out for your team. I just joined Commission Gorilla and ClickBank and am trying to get Contenu up and running so that I could obtain and modify the narrative from your video for Traffic Ivy so that I could give this project a good shot. Pity you hadn't given us newbies a couple more days to prepare. Nevertheless, this is an awesome education you have provided and it is well appreciated. Many Blessings to you and again, sincerest thanks.

  3. I love your videos,I am a few months subscriber on your channel,and I want to ask you how if instead of promoting through you tube videos use some paid traffic?for example throw the offer on an email list(not mine but paid service) or another way that you could propose?thank you.

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