Mark Kelly: If Trump gets credit for zero airline deaths, he should also get credit for gun deaths

In a tweet, Kelly said that the Transportation Department, the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA and commercial airlines were largely responsible for the industry’s safety record in 2017.


“Actually, it’s USDOT, FAANews, & NASA —and especially the airlines— who deserve credit for this,” Kelly tweeted. “But, if you’re going to take credit for zero airline deaths in 2017 then you should take responsibility for the tens of thousands of gun deaths, too.”

Kelly’s comment came hours after Trump boasted that he had been “very strict” on commercial aviation since taking office, though he did not elaborate on what steps he took to improve airline safety.

Kelly is a staunch advocate for tightening gun control. His wife, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), was shot and critically injured in 2011. The couple has vocally supported tougher gun laws.

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