Mindset Tips For Success With Affiliate Marketing

Mindset Tips For Success With Affiliate Marketing

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Hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve and are fired up and ready for 2019.

In today’s Five Minute Friday we’re talking about mindset and the correct mindset for success with affiliate marketing…. and anything you choose to do in life I guess.

I hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚


36 Replies to “Mindset Tips For Success With Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hey Jono great video – your honesty and willingness to share are great inspirations for just putting your head down and keeping on going! Thank you for all your tips and I look forward with anticipation to your next 5 minute video. (You don't have to get it right – you just have to get it going! – quote from Mike Litman)

  2. Hi Jono, first of all thanks for all your support and helpful videos. What I wanted to address though is PayPal. Almost every marketer talks about PayPal and seeing your PayPal account filled with earnings. But I haven't met a marketer yet who talks about the downsides of PayPal and how set things up properly as a marketer. There are a LOT of complaints about the way PayPal works, especially that basically they can do whatever they want with your money ones it's there. I know it's not okay but basically these things make me not want to even start making money on the net, because I would hate it even more if some third party can do whatever they please with my hard earned money, than not to make money at all.
    So what I want to ask you Jono, can you please make a video in which you explain how you handle PayPal, and some advise for starting internet marketers who are going to use PayPal? Because really, it is holding me back when I hear those nightmare stories, they scare the shit out of me and not at all motivating me to do what I want to do: to take a deep dive into internet marketing.

  3. Good to hear you gave your wife some public positive notice ~ '''Behind every successful man is a smart caring woman'' ~~ would say you have found one in your partner, she helping you along your success path, Jono.

    Interesting tip on the music to reset brain waves. Thank – you.

    ** Please see VIDELITE review comment please **.

    Have a jim'dandy day!

  4. Thank you very much for all you do Jono itโ€™s so appreciated, trust me. I believe in self hypnosis and meditation as well. I have used them for so long, but unfortunately things have not changed yet. I have been just starting out in my online business for such a long time and havenโ€™t gotten anywhere sadly. I am an extreme perfectionist that spends hours on things and get terribly overwhelmed as well, and doesnโ€™t help being on limited funds. I love all your videos and truly thank you so much for helping us.

  5. Thanks so much Jono. Your sharing of your failures is perhaps the most valuable part of your video. Well, at least until I go listen to The Secret of Attracting Wealth. Thank you!

  6. Thanks again Jono! Awesome advice as always!
    My biggest problems…Feeling the need to make things perfect (which you talked about), and also just feeling so overwhelmed with all of the information and "moving parts" that it's tough to know where to start (paralysis by analysis).

  7. Hey Jono, happy new year to you too, love your vid's… (love the fuego serie''s, you guy's are putting a lot of effort in it, soon nominated for the Oscar ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    just 1 question, do you still have time to play Music? (i'm a musician like you) Anyway, thank's again, for the friday motivational tip's… take care Man…

  8. Excellent Jono! Very well presented! My biggest obstacle is understanding, and creating an e mail list. How exactly, do I set up an auto responder? How do I create all the auto responder messages to be sent to my subscribers? It would seem like a lot of time is spent creating free content, or promotions to be sent to your e mail subscribers. I have seen some e mail marketers, who have auto responder messages set up weeks in advance. All of this seems very complicated, and time consuming. Then, which is the better auto responder Mailchimp? Get Response? Aweber? This is what is holding me back from continuing with creating my blog and WordPress website.

  9. Pretty much bang on Jono..I always tell people not to concentrate on sales but rather, use every campaign as a content building exercise to build authority..once you put out regular content, the video / review site authority becomes stronger, the ranking becomes easier and the sales will start to trickle in..

  10. Great video Jono. I've used Kelly Howells audio files for many years. Very good for bringing the mind back to its center and for improving the waking conscious. And it's true, failure is not bad, it's a good thing, it makes us learn quickly. They say fail more often, the quicker you fail, the quicker you succeed.

  11. I was hoping to promote your latest product but I haven't 'been approved yet – otherwise I've been doing a lot of research on review videos and found out where I've gone wrong in past videos, and can learn for the next product launch review video ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Happy New Year Jono. I really appreciate everything you are doing and how you are bringing it forward for people who really want to make money online. This takes it to another level and it is great. Shower of Blessings to you and yours.

  13. Great video Jono! I (try) to follow this doctrine: FOCUS Follow One Course Until Successful

    Of course this is easier said than done, but that's what I adhere to.

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