Motivational Update | Can You Make money With Affiliate Marketing?

Motivational Update | Can You Make money With Affiliate Marketing?

I struggled BIG TIME when I started online… jumping from product to product hoping to get quick success… Well here’s the truth


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  1. Jono and Brendan are amazing guys. I have been watching Jono's story for two and one-half years. He is a truth-teller. I remember when he was struggling. It seemed we started about the same time. He put gas in his vehicle and kept driving. I am still gasing up. He is real, and both are fun to watch. Great teachers and instructors.

  2. Hey Jono thank you for the video I see I am not the only one because I swear it feels like your talking straight to me buddy and I know with some success confidence will come I just second guess myself too much wanting to make sure its right all your products are A No1 because it works on the biggest problem in the marketplace today and that is the know-how on certain little intricacies you need to understand and that's why your best product Project Profit Academy is the best product because it gives what no one else is willing to out in the marketplace and forces you to make sales and to get the ball a rolling and you are the perfect example Thanks for all that you do because it is very much appreciated your personality comes out and that's a great trait mate keep what your doing because it is helping others and you exemplify that in all your training.

  3. Thank you Jono for taking the time to share, this is very helpful to me and I will rewatch a few times so it will sink in, I will also take action, which I believe is one of your points ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What Jono is saying is 100% accurate. Don't treat your business as a hobby, treat it as a business and just stick to one business model. Keep going until you CRUSH IT! It will HAPPEN. It make take more time for some than others but if you stick with it YOU WILL SEE Success!!!

  5. Yep,this was something I needed, someone to remind me why I'm here for and give me reason to continue.Btw,I have start a blog on health and fitness and diet.Since you are on Ketodiet now you will find some good recipes on it so I take the courage to submit it here(if you find it not appropriate tell me to delete). And btw I have a special diet if you want(for totally free for you) that you will loose 7-8 kgrs per week,if you want I can give you.( 20 years dietitian,).

  6. Hey Jono, I am struggling to start. You are helping me a lot with your advice and software. I have build a website with an interesting offer, a All-In-One business software for building funnels and really everything else. But I don't know if its good enough to drive traffic? And then how to. May be you can take a look. I have sent you an email as well. How is the email? I try to implement what I am learning from you. Thanks a lot . By the way, I live "around the corner"

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