New Poll Terrifies Republicans As Trump Is A Flat Lined Dead President Walking

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll reveals that Trump’s base of support is weakening and that more importantly, his poll numbers have hardened to a level where he is already a dead president walking.

The Washington Post reported on the poll:

Trump’s overall approval rating of 37 percent in the latest survey is little different from his 36 percent mark in July and other polling prior to the protests, although it is still lower than the rating for his recent predecessors in the White House this early in their tenures.


A majority of self-identified Republicans — more than 6 in 10 — approve of Trump’s response to the protests, according to the Post-ABC poll, while about 2 in 10 disapprove and the same share offer no opinion.

Overall, Trump maintains an 80 percent job approval rating among Republicans, a number little changed from recent surveys. But the percentage that approves “strongly” — just about half of the GOP — is down 10 percentage points from last month.

Trump is an anchor around the necks of Republicans, who may hurt incumbents who thought that they could save their seats in 2018 by standing with their president. The bigger picture beyond the midterm, which was long assumed to be bad for the GOP, is that the country has become so polarized under Trump that his approval ratings have little to no upward mobility.

It is difficult to imagine a scenario where this president gets to 40% approval consistently. Trump is stuck at between 34% and 37% approval which suggests that his base is sticking with him, but his support is only a little more than a third of the electorate. If these numbers stay where they are, or get worse, Trump will be the most vulnerable incumbent to run for reelection in the modern presidential era.

Donald Trump has shown no growth potential in his polling, and this thought should terrify Republicans because it took less than a year in office for Trump to look like a lame-duck president.

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