NOBODY SAW The Secret Meeting Trump Had With Mattis Today…This Is HUGE

In a time where nothing is safe as it used to be, it is good to hear something nice is happening.

National security is really important, threat is everywhere, but it looks like we’re in good hands.

Great news came out this week, James Mattis came up huge!

There was a meeting in the Pentagon this morning, between high operatives in Trump’s cabinet.  According to Liberty Writers, the Secretary of Defense is one of the most important. He delivered amazing news, and that is to say at least.

The meeting they had was over two hours long, and everyone was anticipating some answers on why it was held. A lot was kept secret, no specifics were provided, but we did hear something interesting.

After the briefing, Mattis was asked about ISIS. His answer? Check it out:

“We’re winning. They’re losing. How’s that?”

And he is the one that gave Trump insider information on the group. Because of that, our President also had something to say about future action. He was asked if he is planning on authorizing even more soldiers to go in Afghanistan, which could be risky. He answered:

“We’ll see…We’re doing very well against ISIS. ISIS is falling fast. Very fast”

Well that is fantastic! If our number one enemy is falling, we won’t have a lot to worry about in the future! Cheers to the great government we have at the moment!

We are sure a lot more was discussed at the meeting. If you are interested to know, others who attended it were: Vice President Mike Pence, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford. It was held in the infamous room known as The Tank.

What are your expectations of the meeting? Trump described it as “very good” and said we’ll hear more soon!

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Liberty Writers.

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