Republicans Would Have Lost It Had Obama Pressured States to Turn Over Personal Voter Information


Before Barack Obama was even elected president in 2008, conservatives were already pushing a litany of ridiculous conspiracies against him. Most notably, the blatantly racist birther conspiracy, still believed by millions of Republicans, that claims Obama’s birth certificate is fake and he was never eligible to be president. That, of course, is the same conspiracy the current “president” spent years pushing up until last year when, reluctantly, he finally admitted publicly that he believed Obama was born in Hawaii.

While that’s the most known conspiracy linked to our 44th president, it’s just one of many I’ve encountered over the years. A few of those being that Obama:

  • Was going to use FEMA to force people into concentration camps.
  • Ordered his college transcripts sealed to conceal the fact that he never went to Harvard or Columbia.
  • Would change the Constitution so he could run for a third term.
  • Was going to use the Jade Helm military exercise to declare martial law and confiscate guns.
  • Was gong to confiscate guns, period.
  • Is a Muslim.
  • Was secretly working with the Muslim brotherhood.
  • Was allowing illegal immigrants to come across the border to help rig elections for Democrats.
  • Lived under an alias for years.
  • Is a socialist/communist/Marxist.
  • Faked the monthly jobs reports.
  • Was part of a plot to bring Ebola to the U.S. to kill white people.
  • Took his Oath of Office on the Quran.
  • Faked Bin Ladin’s death.
  • Wanted to disband the government so he could rule like a king.

Those are just a few of the many ridiculous conspiracies some conservatives either believed or still do believe. It’s amazing what happens when the first non-white male gets elected president, isn’t it?

Now imagine what conservatives and the right-wing media would have said if Obama concocted an unfounded conspiracy that “millions of people voted illegally” in a desperate attempt to explain why he lost the popular vote in one of his elections — then created a commission based on that unfounded conspiracy that was putting pressure on every state to turn over personal voting information.

Trump’s wanting states to turn over:

  • Full names, including middle initials
  • Birthdays
  • Last four digits of their Social Security numbers
  • Party affiliation
  • Voting history dating back to 2006

Conservatives would have lost their damn minds had Obama demanded that same information.

That’s exactly what Donald Trump’s doing, yet most conservatives don’t seem to mind.

Yes, many of the same people who thought the “non-American Muslim dictator who was going to use a military exercise to confiscate guns” seem perfectly fine with Trump putting pressure on all 50 states to turn over sensitive voting information, including names, Social Security numbers, birthdays, and voting history.

If Obama had done something like this (or even Hillary Clinton, for that matter) the response from the Republican Party, the right-wing media, and conservative voters would have been that of pure outrage and hostility. They would have gone absolutely ballistic, accusing Obama of trying to round up personal information as part of some nefarious ploy to rig elections, target gun owners, or some other ridiculous nonsense that I can’t even imagine.

Especially considering this “voting commission” is based on a completely absurd conspiracy being pushed by Trump’s neurotic insecurities because he can’t handle the fact that Hillary Clinton received three million more votes than he did. Even many Republican lawmakers have refused to take this crap seriously.

So it’s not just that Trump’s putting pressure on states to turn over fairly personal (and private, in some instances) voting information, it’s that he’s doing it by citing an unfounded conspiracy that’s not supported by a single shred of evidence. This definitely makes it seem as if there’s some sort of other agenda at play here — such as possibly trying to find ways to suppress the vote heading into his possible 2020 re-election bid.

Besides, the last person I’d want to have access to that kind of information is someone like Trump who’s possibly the least ethical human being I’ve ever seen.

The bottom line is this, there’s absolutely no credible evidence — anywhere — that supports the right-wing myth of “rampant voter fraud.” Even when Republicans have spent a lot of money trying to find it, they found next to nothing — let alone evidence where millions of people voted illegally. For that to have occurred would take coordination by both parties, thousands of lawyers, election officials, and the most elaborate coverup in all of human history.

Donald Trump’s “voting commission” is an absolute joke and there’s no way that anybody can convince me that many of the same conservatives defending his administration putting pressure on every state to turn over this personal information wouldn’t have completely lost it had Barack Obama done the same thing when he was president.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.

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