Right After Spicer QUIT, Sarah Huckabee Just Got the BEST JOB of Her Life

Source: White House

It’s really just amazing, y’all.When something bad happens (Sean Spicer quitting), somehow something AMAZING is always left in its wake. And trust me, if you were a fan of Sarah Sanders Huckabee before, you are gonna go wild when you read this.

During Scaramucci’s first press conference, he left the entire room speechless when he announced he would NOT be the Press Secretary and guess who he picked for the job…

This makes Sarah Sanders Huckabee the SECOND woman in history to serve as United States Press Secretary after Bush Jr hired Dana Perino.


I don’t think anyone is gonna mind getting to see Sarah running the press briefings from now on. She is smart, witty, and absolutely LOVES the President.

Oh, and I hope y’all realize that the video up above its a piece of history. That’s Huckabee’s FIRST ever press briefing as the official Press Secretary.

The funny thing to me is, when Spicer requested she be the Press Secretary a few months ago, Sarah Huckabee declined, opting to remain in the deputy position. For Scaramucci, she said “yes” no problem.

Well, regardless, we will miss Sean Spicer but are VERY excited for Sarah Huckabee. Celebrate the big win by sharing it out everywhere.

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