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Want to build a List of TARGETED EMAIL LEADS for FREE without even a website or a landing page?

Now you can with the power of Social Jacker – you can leverage the power of top authority sites and news articles and add our powerful Facebook LEAD CAPTURE technology to them – build your list for FREE on complete autopilot.

All you have to do is share amazing content from different sites and build your list.

Or even run our Facebook technology on your own site, run give aways or contests, anything you want.

Even support chat – captures you emails on autopilot and builds your list for free.

I know it seems unbelievable – how does this even work? Just watch the demo video below to see it in action 🙂

Prices & Upsells

Social Jacker: $37 (earlybird) – $47

+ Unlimited, Targeted, REAL Email Leads via Facebook

+ Run Upto 50 Campaigns – unlimited leads on each

+ Fully customizable styling – choose color, position on page, width, height, font, background, border etc

+ Deploy on your own website – on any number of pages you want (unlimited)

+ Create CLOAKED Campaigns – use Authority Sites to Get Your Email Leads

+ Jack any authority site & use that to build your list in 2 clicks.

+ Make Your FB Posts/Shares look just like the Original Site

+ Instant COPY PASTE and Deploy Your Campaign

+ Download HTML Code and upload anywhere to start your Campaign

+ Use our Powerful WordPress Plugin to Integrate Campaigns

+ Get Name, Email, Age, Gender, Picture of the Lead – Amazing Targeting Capabilities + Personalization

+ Send Leads to Your Facebook MESSENGER at any time (convert into real chats)

+ Instantly Send message to ANY of your Fanpages (and grab their email + user info when you do it)

+ Include “continue with facebook button” at any stage to collect REAL facebook email + other info

+ Fully AUTOMATED “answer bot” have the app answer visitor questions in real time for you

+ Define spintax enabled “replies” that reply to visitors intelligently based on keywords they enter

+ Define custom title, welcome message, bot name, thank you message, and default reply (spintax enabled)

+ Include any images you want anywhere in the app (in the title, welcome message, reply etc) either upload image, or enter any image url

+ Include any link you want anywhere in the app (in the title, welcome message, reply etc)

+ No Autoresponder needed, automatically stores all your leads and exports to CSV

Upsell #1: $67 – Social Jacker PRO

OTO1 PRO Version Features

[+] Unlimited Campaigns for Unlimited Websites

​[+] “Bot automated learning” – view the most common questions asked by visitors & define auto replies.

​[+] “Request email back” behaviour for facebook button.

​[+] Allows visitors to leave a message and expect an email back.

​[+] Include any Youtube video you want anywhere in the title, welcome message, reply etc).

​[+] Dashboard stats (see total optins, total impressions, daily optins, daily impressions)

​[+] Allow export via various filters (for example allows exports of only men in 21+ age range)

​[+] Campaign SPLIT TESTING – fully automated.

​[+] Like and Share buttons integrated (so you can ask visitors to like or share any URL at any point)

​[+] Auto Popup for 10x better lead capture and conversion

​[+] Popup audio notification that alerts visitors and attracts them

​[+] Play Custom Audio that directs visitors to take action or enter a contest etc.

​[+] Auto Play intro videos and welcome videos.

​[+] Full autoresponder integration (with Aweber, Getresponse, Mailit, Sendlane, Mailchimp)

​[+] Full tracking stats for all campaigns (impressions, optins, optin rate, plus graph)

Upsell #2: $97- Resellers Licence

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Get Social Jacker +Bonuses Here:

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  1. I bought the pro version. But I could not create an account on their site to download the plugin. I already created a ticket to the support but so far I could not use the tool yet.

  2. Soooo… basically, you steal other people's content to make money from it. Awesome! Nothing quite like breaking copyright laws and getting yourself into a wolrd of trouble. No thanks!

  3. So do I have to buy the front end part of the social Jacker in order to purchase social Jacker Pro? Will Social Jacker Pro work effectively if I don't by the front end part of the social Jacker software?

  4. But doesn't this break the copywriting law code? And I'm sure you have to buy every domain for each campaign that you want to run that can be very expensive in the long run. I think if anyone is using this software they should stick with one domain at a time that's just my opinion other than that the software is pretty awesome. And I'm not looking to resell this software I just want to use this software to help me get more leads for my businesses.

  5. Thank you for these great videos, Jono! I'm about to purchase Social Jacker from your link. I already have Commission Drill, but would you be able to send me your bonuses from Commission Drill as well when I purchase Social Jacker from you? Thanks! Gil

  6. Hi Jono, I am wondering if I can get a link for OTO 1 without having to buy social jacker main product, as I have noticed that OTO 1 is the same thing as social jacker main product only better.

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