Sociautomate Review – HUGE CUSTOM BONUS Package – [Sociautomate Review & Bonuses]

Sociautomate Review – HUGE CUSTOM BONUS Package – [Sociautomate Review & Bonuses]

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SociAutomate is a cloud based web app that replaces the need for a social media manager by having all of your fan pages and profiles from the various networks under one roof.

Inside SociAutomate you can follow as many other profiles as you wish, to see their latest and best performing content. You can then draw this content from those profiles into your own ‘content library’ which can then be scheduled to be automatically posted to your own accounts at any times, dates or frequency as you like.

The whole process can be automated and you can build up a huge library of content ready to post whilst your not there. In a nutshell the software allows you to use other peoples content to your own benefit.

You can curate content and fill your library in three ways, by following viral accounts directing inside the app, using the browser extension to create posts from any site or by creating a post within the app.

The software works with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for both curating and posting content and you can use image posts as well as video posts. Large videos can also be cropped inside the software to be more appropriate for Twitter and Instagram.

This software will help you go viral faster than you could ever imagine and will save you countless hours doing everything manually and creating your own content!

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  1. Looks cool, can I ask how the software handles proxies as Instagram are getting the ban hammer out even more on automation? Also, can we find accounts directly from the software?

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