The IM Apprentice Call 2 | How to make money online affiliate marketing

The IM Apprentice Call 2 | How to make money online affiliate marketing

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23 Replies to “The IM Apprentice Call 2 | How to make money online affiliate marketing”

  1. Hi Jono,

    Just running through the IM apprentice again and just love these mointors.
    Would it be possible to send me the details of them ie make, size, etc.
    Only of you have time regards

  2. Just awesome mate, man I'm stoked you went to this effort. Jono just one thing tho, its Bernard here, I just shot you a facebook message about this video I'm certain you would prefer to chat in there about it

  3. Hi Jono, In this episode, you briefly mentioned an image showing monetization methods and platforms (?) and you said something about connecting any from one list to any on the other list… (I hope you remember despite my poor description). But I don't see the image here, could you please post it?

  4. Great Content Jono, thank you! One thing about getting Review Access…in Ryan's case, he was able to drop Jono's name and get review access, whereas had he not been able to do that, he might not have gotten review access (probably would not have). Having that review access gives you a good edge in making a good product review video (I've done many of them).

  5. I loved Ryan analogy on how somethings seem easy to others might be hard for others on the take action you want to take action but if it isn't set up right it's not going to convert and that's why when asking for permission to promote you can get exiled lol I have received some JV doc to promote Jono best place to promote with paid traffic would be bing or google review video youtube ? If you have no list I am doing Trevors way from Intricinc now so I hope maybe I can catch a launch too that I can do.

  6. I believe having someone that you know that you can collaborate with is huge Jono your friend is lucky I am going to watch every one of these videos the best thing I have learned from Jono is all the training that I try to revert to especially how to make a congruent landing page that to me nobody is teaching that Aurora gave that to me it might be a simple task for some but if you have never seen it your not going to know it, all your training are very good and thorough Jono and Thanks for sharing

  7. Ye4aaaa I need to see the simple structure I have this knowledge but I am struggling to put into a routine to do over and over I have just seen the intro awesome more comments coming lol.

  8. Great video series, it is also a good companion to your own other paid courses. Can't wait to see my own results soon. One quick question if you don't mind, Left Corner under your second monitor, above your packet of smokes… it's as big as a computer keyboard, is that a hardware controller for video editing or streaming? If so, do you find it helpful or do you end up editing your videos without the controller and just use keyboard and mouse? Thank you!

  9. no links in the description. by-the-way, I was in MOBE and got burnt; that's why I'm skeptical with these so called training programs that make you shell out 2 grand and then when you enter the program they pitch you a lot more upsells…

  10. Jono you forgot to put in your links. Long one a ton of info, I noticed you mentioned Munch Eye and JV but no mention of Clickbank? Most of the products on CB we don't need to get approved for thinking of trying one of those as a first go.

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