The "IM" Apprentice – Call 4

The "IM" Apprentice – Call 4

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12 Replies to “The "IM" Apprentice – Call 4”

  1. Great series! Tons of value. Jono you might want to check out Krisp. It will help cancel out all of your background noises like the airplanes and mosques as you record. It currently has an LTD in Appsumo for a one time fee of $39. Here’s the link if your interested –

  2. little tip for Jono and Ryan. There's a cool website to transparentize images. With the compoundly logo there, you simply upload it to the site and it takes the background out for you. The site is called

    Personally, I use Gimp, which is a free, open source app. It takes but a minute to do when you know how.

  3. I am following from video 1 to 2 and so on I know I am not with you video 6 but there was a very heavy rainfall In m.p. India.. Actual proper rain must be in this season is 13inch but now it is already 56inch so that's why I was disturb for all daily need but now its ok… So I will try to walk with you…. Reply & Thanks – Gagan (Mohit)

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