The "IM" Apprentice – Call 5

The "IM" Apprentice – Call 5

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12 Replies to “The "IM" Apprentice – Call 5”

  1. This could be the best IM training ever. I agree with Jono about the 1 on 1 coaching. This should be confident enough to engage and take become a great action taker.

  2. Jono thanks for sharing this I loved watching you make the review video and how you have done so many it comes out like a walk in the park awesome value Thank you also I want to do a shout out to you Jono that you truly have helped me more than any other Super and it is so much appreciated believe me when I am buying products I like buying from you to try and reciprocate from the value bombs that you have helped me along my journey your bonuses are great but its more about the friendship with me.

  3. Hey Jono, I appreciate that you're taking the time to show us all of this value! Quick question: what's your average watch time with your review videos?

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