The "IM" Apprentice – Part 1 | How To Start Affiliate Marketing

The "IM" Apprentice – Part 1 | How To Start Affiliate Marketing

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So I’m starting a new series here called “The ‘IM’ Apprentice” where I’m taking my good friend Ryan under my wing and will force him to start making money online with affiliate marketing within the next 30 days.

I plan to upload a new video every 3 – 4 days. Make sure you subscribe for more updates


29 Replies to “The "IM" Apprentice – Part 1 | How To Start Affiliate Marketing”

  1. One thing that I have never gotten a clear understanding of is, as an affiliate marketer, you are going to set up a squeeze page/lead capture page to get email addresses, and then the person is going to go to the page you are an affiliate of, where they are going to enter in their info AGAIN. Why would they do this? Doesnt the fact that people are entering in their name and email multiple times going to send up a red flag? How do you make collecting email addresses integrated seamlessly into the process, so it doesnt look scammy or like a mistake, or otherwise, turn off the prospective customer and drive them away from your link? Thank you!!!

  2. Nono, Thank you! Just knowing you are tthere has calmed me. I know how slow I must seem, but there are reasons. Newbie, 24/7 hacker. Consistently blocking my every move, lack of funds, shakey confidence, haven’t earned much blah, blah, blah. Thank you! Finally the style I need to learn and earn. You’re awesome! LynnD.

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  4. Nice content, I think Jono is a very clear guy, he teaches you everything you need to know and how to implement it, the only part that I dislike from his method to be honest is to put my face on cam cause I prefer to remain on the shadows lol, I know probably is not gonna work for me in that way but still I'd feel more comfortable without exposing my face to a camera, also related to this guy Ryan, I don't know if it's my problem or my understanding but it's a little bit difficult for me to follow him, I think if he low his speech when talking it could be easier to follow him, is just comment of course, not offense intended, anyways Jono good job. keep it up!

  5. Thank you Jono and Ryan for sharing this. This is going to be pure gold!! I like that you are not only explaining the what but the why also. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  6. Jono, Tod here, this is what i wanted you to do with me ,ive been trying to crack this for 2 years i have something in common with Ryan we are scottish,i come from Edinburgh ,looking forward to the training and following you

  7. OUTSTANDING Jono!! This is really going to help people who want to be internet marketers. If they can't get it from this series of recorded videos, they should keep their day jobs because they aren't serious. Thank you, Ryan Mac, for being a candidate for this project.

  8. AWESOME offer to those of us who want to learn this business of internet marketing…thank you, thank you, thank you…Jono, why is it I can understand you perfectly, but I'm having difficulty in understanding Ryan's heavy accent? Are you guys from different regions of the UK?

  9. Hi Jono and Ryan, Great idea and I will be following this all the way. One request please, Jono can you buy Ryan some cough medicine please before the next video, poor guy is suffering.

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