8 Replies to “The New Shopify Killer!”

  1. Sounds great! don’t forget to mention the hard costs of driving traffic to the store. Ad costs are very expensive and certainly with Facebook . You will need deep pockets for advertising. Do your research before even thinking about drop shipping , and expect to lose money before you see any significant returns … beware!

  2. Hey Jono Armstrong. I was thinking about getting Project Profit Academy and was on your live the other week should I get that or wait until your new Training comes out? I need to take my earnings to the next level

  3. Your right bro good looking out i speek bouth spanish and english at a 100 percent it sounds intresting i check couse i really need something to doo i go take a walk and i get harrased by tha law even though i work at an elementry im only there 2 hours and the rest day going crazy thanks i really appreciated i have no kids no wife no so im looking to make money or kill time better than beeing lock up but take care

  4. Another e-COM platform that's one low cost… I dropped Shopify because of the cost! Plus, I need to learn how to target the traffic for it. Perhaps this product is the answer… will see… can't wait to hear more! 🙂

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