The Pentagon Just Shut Down Trump’s Claim That Relief Effort In Puerto Rico Is ‘Going Well’

In an urgent statement released Sunday, the Pentagon said that the situation in Puerto Rico “is getting worse as water supplies dwindle,” contradicting President Trump’s claim that the federal effort to bring relief to the island is going well and “getting great reviews.”

The Department of Defense released the urgent press bulletin stating that 45 percent of the island’s population are still without water.

“Forty-five percent of customers have access to drinking water. Ninety-five percent of customers remain without power; power has been restored to San Juan airport and marine terminals,” the statement said.

Trump and his cabinet members have been engaged in an aggressive public relations campaign to convince the world that it is not neglecting the beleaguered U.S. territory.

Facing strong criticism after Trump attacked San Juan Mayor for pleading for help, the administration has insisted that the federal effort to bring relief to the island is going “very well” while calling people who disagree with them “politically motivated ingrates” and said that Puerto Ricans are too lazy to help themselves.

But the facts on the ground indicate otherwise, and many are seeing more than a little racism in the administration’s response to the devastation from Hurricane Maria.

Let’s see how Trump is going to spin the Pentagon’s press release.

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