TRAITOR! Right After Trump’s Speech, Paul Ryan Went on CNN & Stabbed Him in The Back

President Trump addressed the nation last night with a speech announcing his plan to finally win the war in Afghanistan. The speech was almost universally praised, but Paul Ryan went on CNN right afterwards to betray the President.

Speaker Ryan held a CNN “town hall” with Jake Tapper, and scheduled it for immediately after Trump’s speech concluded. Instead of allowing President Trump have the spotlight to address the American people, Paul Ryan used this platform to stab Trump in the back. Ryan made the entire Town Hall about implying Trump is a racist.  You won’t believe what he said. (Video Below)

The liberal media has OBSESSED over the Charlottesville violence, and just when you thought the story was over, Paul Ryan went on CNN to revive it again. Ryan used this platform to further spread the lie that President Trump didn’t denounce the racist Charlottesville rally. (Ignoring the fact that Trump condemned neo-nazis and white supremacists by name.) 

Speaker Ryan said about half a dozen pre-planned lines to trash Trump in order to get a roaring ovation from the liberal CNN audience. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make this go viral!


Here is the video of Ryan implying Trump is racist and spreading LIES about the President’s response to Charlottesville. (Watch his full comments below)

Here are the full exchanges.

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