Trevor Noah: ‘Donald Trump Is Everything People Thought A Black President Would Be’

Although Trevor Noah brings a certain comedic freshness to The Daily Show, he often says things that are right on point. Recently, he stated that Trump is every negative stereotype people thought a Black president would be.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — As you know by now, Donald Trump exhibits zero professionalism in his office as United States president. And Trevor points out a few of those faults in his recent “Between the Scenes” segment.

First during the segment, Noah discussed Trump’s amateur tardiness when it comes to press conferences and meetings.

While everyone joked about President Obama possibly being late due to “CPT,” it seems that Trump is the one consistently running on that schedule.

On another topic, Trevor talks about Trump making the White House into an extended family compound. He’s appointed various members of his family as “advisers.”

It’s more like he’s trying to turn his term into a dynasty rather than a run it as a presidency. Smh.

Then too, Trevor points out the fact that Trump loves fried chicken. All of these “Black” stereotypes are played out every day by Trump.

WARNING: The following video contains mild language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Likewise, he’s always running off at the mouth — via Twitter anyway, not to say Blacks are always mouthing off.

So, he’s everything Conservatives joked about during Obama’s time in office. Yet, Barack showed none of those characteristics.

He was insanely punctual. He was diplomatic. He had a moral compass. He honored his family. And he remained scandal-free for the length of his presidency.

Donald AND Ivanka had scandals in place during the campaign! They weren’t even in office yet.

Anyway, regarding Trump, Trevor Noah definitely hit the nail on the head with precision.

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