Trump explained the absence of Hispanics on his cabinet. His reason is appalling.

I wonder if the Trump Administration just thought we wouldn’t notice there were no Hispanics on his cabinet. And I also wonder if they though we wouldn’t notice Sean Spicer’s response when he was asked about it in a recent press conference.

Well, we did notice. We noticed both.

“Your list of cabinet picks was the first since 1988 that doesn’t include any Hispanics. I know you got a question about this yesterday, as well. What do you say to Hispanic groups who are concerned about that? And what do you say, more broadly, about the criticism that this undercuts President Trump’s argument that he is here to serve all Americans,” the reporter asked.

Spicer’s response was troubling.  “I think that when you look at the totality at his administration — the people that he’s talked to, the people that he’s met with, the people that he’s appointing — you see a president who’s committed to uniting this country, who’s bringing the best and brightest together. But look at the cabinet — Elaine Chao, Dr. Ben Carson, Nikki Haley, the first Indian-American.”

First of all, it sure as hell seems like he’s suggesting that there are zero Hispanics among America’s “best and brightest.” Shame on Trump for claiming to be the president for all Americans when he can’t find one single person to serve from the Hispanic community. Shame on him.

Second, Spicer uttered a words that suggested that Ben Carson was among the best and the brightest.

Folks, we want to you know what YOU think! Watch the video below, and let us know your thoughts about Trump’s cabinet picks.

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