Trump Flew Out Of Bed At 4 AM, Got On Twitter, & Posted ‘FAKE NEWS’ Like A Raving Madman

Let’s not muddy up Trump’s gleeful celebration over taking away healthcare from millions of Americans to spite President Obama with the facts behind those decisions, shall we? After all, the man’s blind followers are so happy to be screwed over if it makes liberals angry that they’re willing to believe just about anything.

However, those pesky facts that Trump tries so desperately to ignore in the name of positive Fox News coverage remains. According to Bloomberg:

‘President Donald Trump is halting some Obamacare subsidies. A big money saver for taxpayers, right? Wrong. The move could actually force the government to dole out almost $200 billion more on health insurance over the next decade.


‘More than eight in ten individuals who buy Obamacare plans get help paying their premiums directly from the federal government. Those subsidies effectively cap how much people have to pay for insurance as a percentage of their income.

‘Even if premiums climb, people who receive those benefits won’t pay more out of their own pockets. The subsidies are available to people making as much as four times the federal poverty level, or just over $97,000 for a family of four.

‘That means that those most likely to be hurt by the president’s action aren’t low-income people who will still get help with their costs. Instead, consumers who make too much money to qualify for subsidies will now have to pay a much higher price for their health plans.’

As the stocks for health insurance companies plunge and Trump dances on the dumpster fire he’s created, those same companies will compensate by raising premiums on everyone who doesn’t qualify for any government assistance. Should Trump actually make it to 2020, he and every other GOP politician in office will feel the burn of those voters’ anger.

Twitter was quick to remind Trump of those facts and many others.

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