Trump Just Announced He’s Visiting A Country That Doesn’t Exist (TWEET)

President Donald Trump has been known for his Twitter mishaps and after the first few, one would think that he or someone in his circle would check grammar, substance, and spelling, before he tweets out what have become infamous Twitter mistakes, especially for the president of the United States. The expectations for Trump and his administration are quite low these days though so what he just did isn’t surprising. Trump just announced that he’s visiting a country that doesn’t exist. How? Well, he bombed the spelling.

Here’s what he just tweeted:

Mr. Trump, the ‘Phillipines’ doesn’t exist. The country you’re likely referring to is the Philippines. The tweet by the president caused Twitter to unleash a merciless mocking of the wacky former game show host turned president of the United States. Here are some of the more humorous ones:

and one more…

It’s just very difficult to ponder how this individual has absolutely desecrated the presidency and made a mockery of the United States on an international level. We have what amounts to a man who makes grammatical and spelling mistakes that a 4th grader doesn’t make. It would do the country good if he would just stop tweeting. His tweets are just senile.

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