What It Takes To WIN at affiliate marketing.

What It Takes To WIN at affiliate marketing.

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21 Replies to “What It Takes To WIN at affiliate marketing.”

  1. Jono, you are right. I even know people who haven't shown their face on the internet, but have online businesses, affiliate blogs and other things, that generate them a lot money. As always, there are variety of ways to succeed.

  2. I'm ready to start saving for MOF. Is there any other costs aside from the entry fee. I would like to save up to the point where I can afford any tools/services I will need once inside too.

  3. Hello Jono. You always help the people. Could you share , how you are setting your Gmail campaign in adword? I want to learn how you are targeting through Gmail ads. Are you using Keyword or you selecting audience?

  4. Thanks for this Jono, i joined MOF just two days ago, looking forward to the journey, looking forward to chatting directly.
    I laughed at the sound of the cockerel in the background; keeping it real!

  5. Yer right ur the man bro..Knowing you has made me get 1k dollar days on the regular.English is not even my first language.Up until MOF.i refused to be on camera.Av done a full review of MOF in my channel lots of golden nuggets I gave and even how to get split payments.Jono is the best coach in this space.

  6. You are already my Mentor even though I have not signup for MOF, I have been following you for some months now and I don't know a better place to look for a Coach. Thank you for always looking out and encouraging your customers.

  7. As you said, to really get anywhere you need to pick a mentor among all the great ones out there, and most of you are good friends giving each other help promoting each other's products, and you are one that ranks right up there with the best. I am not ready for MOF and the big ticket promotion it has. I want to be sucessfull but I need to start at a level that I am comfortable with. Everyone has their stories on life, and now that I am 70 and Social Security is my basic retirement income, I don't have enough saved money to live a comfortable retirement so I need IM as a source of supplemental income. I'm married with 4 children that the wife and I help put through college, and the children gave us eight grandchildren to love and cherish. I was running the family business from grandpa, but I had a serious accident and ended up selling it because I couldn't run it any more and all the kids were in great jobs that didn't envolve the family business. I wanted you to know this, so you will know that I am working to get somewhere with IM, but I need a niche that I will succeed in, I just haven't found that yet. I'm finished with my story, but you have told yours and I know that you are sincere in your quest to help people in a way that you didn't get help when you started. You are spot on that a mentor is very important, so people, believe Jono when he says this. This is why Cice is doing good in her business since Jono was her teacher and mentor. Thank you for your unselfish desire to help people. You are FIRST CLASS.

  8. Thanks jono for making me wake up because after as long as I been doing this I am sick to my stomach everyone saying I should have my masters degree by now lol but Thank You for your transparency because fastest way mentoring is a must

  9. Mentor – so, so, important . I turned my back on this because I wanted to be independent and so wasted time and money wondering around with no direction or focus – I was a silly bugger !! That's why I joined up with Jono's MOF

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