What Trump Just Did Will Go Down In History As The Monday Morning Massacre

People are already calling what President Trump just did the Monday morning massacre and they aren’t wrong.

Because Trump just dealt a lethal blow to all his enemies. And make no mistake, Trump is fighting for America and his enemies are not.

That is the difference and why this morning will go down in history. Trump is finally taking off the kid gloves and is going to get tough with the sleazeball Democrats and sleazier media.

President Donald Trump took on all comers this morning and I have to thank him because not often do you wake up at and immediately have the best moment of your day.

President Trump started off this glorious day that will go down in history by giving the swamp a delicious new nickname, after saying that things are “much worse than anyone ever thought”

From WNP:

“Trump’s a genius. He is smart and so darn funny that the sewer does not know what to do. They literally have never seen a President be this good at mastering the media message.

No politician has ever had the courage to talk directly to the America people like Trump, instead choosing carefully scripted media appearances and soft ball interviews.

Not Trump, he refuses to play by the rules of the sewer that says you must go through the gatekeepers to deliver your message.”

Next up was Chuck Schumer. Trump silenced Schumer forever by using crying Chuck’s own words against him. Just days ago Chuck went after Hillary hard, really hard and told her to stop whining and blaming Russia for her huge loss. And Chuck was right, Hillary blaming Russia is hurting this great country.

Trump then took aim at the rest of the sleazy dems.

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