7 Replies to “What's Coming This Week… Funnels Kit Review”

  1. Hi!

    I would like to buy the http://www.getfunnelskit.com/, but before I have some question.

    I work in any area in affiliate system. If I think well do I have to the "Lead funnels" mostly?

    1.: If I control the visitors to a lead page, will I have an opportunity that I control the visitors to a sales page after a video and a discription?

    2.: If I would like to use the "Lead funnels", do I buy the oto2 worth?

    In this case won't I have to buy oto1 or oto3?

    3.: Can you show me some working pattern in this system? I would also like to sign up. I would like to see it in action.

    Many thanks for your answer

  2. Great editing Jono now your buddy really lucked out having a chance to work side by side with you he has to be excited about this new opportunity I would love to see you and him in action to the questions he might have and I want to check out funnel kit before joining clickfunnels I believe that this tool is the piece that I am missing.

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