Would you like 4 months of YNAB for free??

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Want to get 4 months of YNAB for free? Read this post for all the details on how to get four months of You Need a Budget completely free!


If you are looking for a really fantastic program to help you set up and stick with a budget, Jesse and I highly recommend YouNeedaBudget.com (YNAB). We’ve been using it personally and for our business for a few years and we feel it is worth every penny!

What We Love About You Need a Budget

I asked Jesse to share what he loves about YNAB most. Here’s what he said:

  • I love having mobile access to my budgets.
  • I love being able to access all of my budgets on demand.
  • YouNeedABudget makes budgeting easy by assigning each expense to a category and automatically takes it out of the budget when you record the transaction.
  • If you record the transaction from your phone using the mobile app, YNAB will update the balance and display the new category balance once the transaction is entered.
  • All budgets stay synced on all devices through Dropbox so you always look at the most recent numbers.
  • You can easily import transactions at one time from your bank by importing a downloaded statement on your computer.


How YNAB is Different Than Other Budgeting Programs

I asked the folks at YNAB to share what sets their Budgeting Software apart from others out there and here’s what they shared:

1) You only budget money you have right now.

2) It is flexible. Rule Three: Roll with the Punches – removes any shame in overspending in a particular category any given month. It will happen. All the time. That doesn’t make you a failure. Just adjust, address it and move on.

3) There is a manual component. We are asking you to be hands on, to be aware of every dollar, to be involved with your budget. This requires a little bit of time (although once you get used to it, it’s super quick and easy), but this is also why it works. Without awareness nothing will change.

4) We want you to live on last month’s inco

me. Yes, this takes some time to achieve for most people, but once you can do this you will be shocked at how little stress you have about money. Once you live on last month’s income, you’ll never go back!

5) A lot of people think of budgeting as restriction, but what YNAB will give you is control over your finances, and that control translates to freedom.

6) A lot of people come to YNAB because they are drowning in credit card debt or paying overdraft fees every month – and YNAB changes their lives.

7) YNAB has a killer support team and offers free, online daily budgeting classes.


Get 4 FREE Months of YNAB!

I’ve been talking about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle the past few days, but what I didn’t tell you yet is that one of the best parts of the bundle is that there are some fun bonuses you get when you purchase.

And guess what one of those bonuses is? 4 FREE months of You Need a Budget.

This offer is good for new customers as well as current customers. Current customers just need to email customer service (help@youneedabudget.com) to get their 4 free months!

This is a $27 value and you get it FREE with your purchase of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to really try out YNAB and see why we highly recommend it.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

In addition to 4 months of YNAB for free, you also get:

  • Printable postcards, printable calendar, and a $15 shop credit from Hope Ink. Emily Hope, the artist behind Hope Ink, loves creating inspirational hand-lettered art to brighten up homes and living spaces. (Value $119)
  • Chapstick, relief salve, and soap bar from Puro Co. Puro Co is a small batch, body care company that uses high quality, safe ingredients to create their skincare products. (Value $22)
  • $15 credit to Cultivate What Matters. Cultivate What Matters was created to help you live more intentionally. Use your $15 credit for their Write the Word Bible Journals, PowerSheets – the ultimate intentional goal planner, goal guides, or any of their other goal-oriented products. (Value $15)
  • 10 Free Audios from Around the World Stories. Around the World Stories creates fun, memorable audio stories that teach children about the world’s countries and cultures while capturing their imagination and sparking their inner explorer. Each 30-minute story also comes with a parent guide full of activity ideas, recipes, printables and discussion topics. (Value $38)

Plus, there are 6 other bonuses from companies like Musik at Home, ListPlanit, Bookroo, Fit2B, Orglamix, and TriLight Health! And these are all included in the $29.97 price of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

Psst! If you want to know more about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, be sure to check out my post on 20 of my favorite resources and my Completely Honest Review.

Ready to order the Bundle?

Ready to get 104 helpful homemaking resources + 4 months of YNAB for free + 10 other fun bonuses — all for just $29.97?? Remember, this bundle is only available through Monday, May 6, 2019.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

P.S. This bundle is backed by a 30-day happiness guarantee. Not sure whether this is a good fit for you? You can go ahead and purchase. If for any reason, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can request a full refund — no questions asked.

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