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  1. I hope whoever reads this helps their is a lot of super affiliates out there and want to sell you some are really good. But to me my honest opinion is this when you see affiliate reviews most sell but thats all some do. Most dont offer good teachings and training. To me unless its not being promoted and its something you really want or need. stay with one super affiliate and not buy from everyone else it can be confusing and you can cheat yourself out of good training and bonuses. For example Jono Armstrong Brendan Mace and NEW Partner Guy are on one team. they offer great training webinars bonuses etc and more. Its been helpful to me even though i havent made my first commission i will soon but mine is like most ''traffic'' and money problems. But those who buy mostly from Brendan and Jono know your going to get the best training and bonuses. Stay in sink with your mentors itll be easier for you to succeed and to be a better affiliate with less confusion and distractions happy New Year EVERYONE great success

  2. Well, my plan for 2020 is simply to have my breakthrough in the internet marketing world by finally implementing some of the methods I've learned from the courses that I've bought. Thank you, Jono for all the things you're teaching us. Keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks very much Jono for all that you do for me . Am putting together every thing necessary for me to use in order for me to get at least $10,000 a month on line in 2020. Thanks again sir I hope to jump on that that you're preparing.

  4. My goal is to be able to generate AT LEAST $10,000 a month online. I'm still struggling to make money online but I believe I can with your course that;s coming up. Looking forward to it Jono ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You guys put out some great products but your support leaves much to be desired. Why not also some great after-sales service? Even affiliate approval does not happen in a day or two, although you give your buyer some phrases to add to the approval request.
    Happy New Year

  6. I'm planning to conquer & finally get my first commissions coming in, be free from the DWP (currently not working due to poor health) & pay for my own healthcare after nearly dying this year, literally…it's got to be nothing but onwards & upwards for me, so have to set some plans in place & turn the phone off for a few weeks for no interruptions & get my head around the things I don't understand so that I can finally start to get things moving. Happy New Year Jono & Cice hope you have an awesome NYEs….sure you will. Here's to a fantastic 2020:)x

  7. Before I get into my "2020 vision" I want to say Thank you! This Year I made my first sale and a $100.00 day and averaged $100.00 a month for 3 months (December not so much). I am getting approved for links on a regular basis and I have a sales score. All of this is because of Jono Armstorng. So Jono Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This year I gained belief. So my "2020 vision" is to produce a video training series. To get my profit up to $100.00 a day and promote the heck out of your high ticket item. Happy New Year to you and your family. God Bless! Jmac

  8. Today is a one year anniversary of purchasing my first affiliate product, been doing it a year most of the products ive purchased were from you Jono and Brendan the sad part is i havent made a dime the good part is ive learned a lot and bettered myself ive been called everything in the book but keep plugging me personally 100 or 200 a day would be a great start but the goal is first commission i have two upsale packages with amazing prices on them no one will pop on them, the question i ask myself is this should i have purchased project prophet academy well ill never know but like a lot of things maybe the light switch will come on in my head of what im doing wrong because i feel im close time will tell im no quitter. im always happy for anyone who can make money especially those who hit rock bottom and needed it

  9. โ—๏ธLast day 2019! where am I now? What have I achieved in the last 12 months? Great to reflect, a must! Need to eliminate errors. Need to simplify. I need to be deliberate in actions. I need to find a mentor (so I`m new to Brendan and Jono). Need to shun shiny objects. Need to be 100% focussed!!!! But, I`ve said similar over and over! The last 12 months have seen my biz stagnate, the debt still there (significant). I`ll eliminate 90% of the marketers who email me. >>>>> So Jono and Brendan, I`m going to look to you guys for directions and inspiration. I`ve purchased some of your successful past products and HOPE there is life ($$ returns) still within them? And plan, as my cash flow allows, to be in a far better place 12 months ahead. >>> Perhaps as others read my words, there are ideas of value to you! Now for my Vision statement review, new active goals, specifically timed strategies, my defined outcome statements!!! All the best to others. Rob Ryan.

  10. Happy New Year all and may it be PROSPEROUS!! Hey Jono, you look tired thought you were supposed to be resting. My plan for 2020 is to get my first commission and my first sale and then they are to be one of many. I don't mean to be greedy just comfy and out of debt, nothing special though. I thought maybe Publishers Clearing House would stop by and help me make up my mind this morning but didn't happen. Guess I wasn't as good as I thought, sigh. Oh well, if you're too good ya don't have any fun and I don't want that fate either.

  11. Huge thanks for everything you do Jono! 2019 was an awesome year, but I am sure 2020 will bring even more exciting discoveries and huge profits. What my plan for 2020 is…… I will grow my YouTube channel from few dozens right now to tens of thousands and what my biggest motivation will be, guess what haha to reach your number of followers and to surpass it. Of course if you do it right I won't be able because you will hit 100k subs next year!

    I don't know who is gonna teach you but what I can fairly say from my experience top paid traffic strategy is the Omnipresence strategy, be a big fish in a small pond or not small but a pond that people know you and really admire you. If you use your email list and make it an FB audience and then blast it with numerous video ads explaining every single bit of the puzzle and showing how you help then all of a sudden these people will become more then magnetized they will be ready to buy whatever you have for them. Then Step number 2 – create lookalike and start blasting ads to broader and broader circles slowly making your pond bigger and bigger. This can bring you more then 3 mils with ease ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi Jono my plan is to follow your plan, when it launches in the new year. So when i retire in November it will put me in a position of earning a nice income online, and still have time with my Family. But, this is the important part for me, is that i will have to Focus, and not, and i repeat not go after those supposedly Gold Coins. Happy New Year Jono, to you and your Family. PS I know you will make the 3 million in 2020.

  13. Awesome plan Jono… for a beginner to get where you are now would take a serious commitment… but you are not complacent… and you are actually looking to get to the top of your chosen field, by taking further high priced coaching to learn the real secrets of online business today, so you can pass that knowledge onto your followers, and coach them to success in 2020 and beyond…

    After following you for all of 2019 and buying your products and watching your training, I have no doubt that you will considerably improve your business and earnings in 2020….

    I am going with eCommerce, because the market is exploding each passing year… and the coaching and products available to make a real success of eCommerce is just a no-brainer for me… so that is where I'm heading in 2020… Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year Jono for 2020

  14. Hi jono firstly you and your family have a happy new year I am currently going through your training . .The thing for me would be to earn enough to buy your advanced course and continue to learn from there.I have the xmas bundle with all the up-sells and the hundred percent commissions which i am going through at the minute.(any advice would be welcome)
    So i am exited and glad that i have bumped into you, looking forward to learning more from you in 2020. Have a nice one Jono!!! Jamie from Glasgow Scotland

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