30 Day Challenge – Day 11 – How To Make Money Online

30 Day Challenge – Day 11 – How To Make Money Online

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  1. @Emarket Ocean. If you had Thrive themes installed to your wordpress for you, or they gave you a download link, make sure that you DO NOT update the plugin! Turn the plugin update setting from auto update to manual. You may only have the option to do it for all plugins, but it's better than Thrive Auto updating and you lose everything.

  2. Jono, I know I'm coming to the party late but can you go in and approve my Affiliate link for NOF so I can started. I've been watching the past calls and I have some experience with AdWords but need to get my affiliate link to set up the optin page and set my pixel code and create a remarketing audience. thanks man. Steven

  3. Hello Respected Jono .Hope You are doing well.
    You are millionaire , You don't need my fee. Can you help me for making $5k in each month . I am student and belong to  Underdeveloped country. I don't have money to buy your course, But i can promise with you , when i become able to earn $1k , i will pay  you your fee. Can you guide me please how i can earn money from jvzoo and warriorplus. It will your big thanks,.My email is alexsmith00243@gmail.com   .

  4. Concerning your shoes video…Funny video Jono. When I was the U.S. National Disabled Table Tennis Champion in 1988, Nike was my main sponsor for the Paralympics, which took place in Seoul, South Korea. I had lots of Nike swag, clothes, etc. But the main thing was that they built my competition shoes from scratch (customized lift included, as my disability is one leg 4-1/2" shorter than the other, due to a childhood auto accident). We used to call them 'Air Normans'. 🙂 I still have them for the memories. Regards, Norman Haase

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