an introduction to affiliate marketing

an introduction to affiliate marketing

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In this video I’ll be discussing affiliate marketing, the mindset and a basic overview of how things work with the affiliate marketing business model.

This is really basic stuff but often overlooked by many course creators, coaches & guru’s

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  2. Since we are supposed to start promotions before the launch date of the product, how do you reconcile all that information? Because, basically that data page would be blank before the promotion date! For one to be sure of those displayed data, means, one have to wait until the product has launched. I might be wrong, just needed more clarifications – newbie. lolzz. Thanks.

  3. I always wanted to do affiliate marketing but I do not going on youtube as I am shy would prefer to be in the back ground so can this been done without having to bring my family up?

  4. hi jono. this is gourav verma. i bought your traffic laze software. because i have a website. and i want to promote my website through your software. but i still not get any information how to go member login area and how to download software. please help me. thanks.

  5. Looking forward to making an income being an affiliate marketer. One question I do have is email marketing versus video marketing in affiliate marketing. Reason is I have no email list while I do have the software to promote with video.

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