Business Tips: 2 Hours of Advice For Everyone in Hard Times | Tea with GaryVee

Business Tips: 2 Hours of Advice For Everyone in Hard Times | Tea with GaryVee

Awesome Tip: 2 Hours of Advice For Everyone in Hard Times | Tea with GaryVee

Gary has really been trying to help everyone the best he can and these 2-hour live session are one of the best ways he can help. Not only does he enjoy doing them, but the callers and viewers are all gaining a ton of value and a more optimistic perspective on these difficult times. Tea with GaryVee will now be live on YouTube everyday weekday from 9am-11am EST because the feedback has been so positive… We hope to see you there when Gary is live!

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17 Replies to “Business Tips: 2 Hours of Advice For Everyone in Hard Times | Tea with GaryVee”

  1. Hi Gary, I have been watching and listening to your videos for a few months now. I enjoy them, but have learned very little. Because it all comes down to just a few main ideas that are priceless: Value, value, value!!! Adding value to peoples lives. Being kind, compassionate, generous, and having empathy. Not being materialistic, and being grateful. Not a lot, but everything….

    There was a very nice couple, who bought my dinner on Valentines Day in New York City, when I was having dinner by myself. I really did not want them to, but they insisted. Thought it might have been you. The gentleman and his wife were equally as kind.

    Anyway, I am paying it forward. I do the same for people, too.

    I think in these times we need to be more giving, kind, and generous, as individuals, and as a country. We need to have empathy and compassion for people.

    Thank you for reminding people of that on a personal level, and showing the value it has in business.

  2. Hey Gary I am watching you now and as I’m trying to sign up for winetext however, I live in Ky and there’s not a way to put my that as my state . Can you let me know if anyone else has had this as a problem ? Thanks wanting some WINE … More now than ever watching you giving even more of yourself is another amazing part of you !!!

  3. Loving Tea with Gary! Think I watched it all in two days. I feel so much smarter! Lol! I feel like Dustin is the man behind the curtain in wizard of oz! HA! Time to post my ass off!

  4. I just had to come back and thank @garyVee again, you change lives for the better, thanks again, love you brother! Oh can't forget all the people behind the scenes @teamGaryVee love you all too!

  5. Social media has been extra crowded lately, but ANYONE can win. So many of my clients are absolutely CRUSHING it right now despite the recession, and it's just so unbelievable to watch if you deploy the right strategies. Remember, you've made it this far. You can overcome anything ❤️

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