Business Tips: 98% Of The World Haven't Heard About NFTs Yet

Business Tips: 98% Of The World Haven't Heard About NFTs Yet

Awesome Tip: 98% Of The World Haven't Heard About NFTs Yet

For this interview, I sit down with Gianni Settino, Co-Founder of ‘CryptoStrikers’. Gianni’s story is the journey from the early NFTs era to one of the most interesting NFT projects out there.
Gianni and I have a really great conversation about our first NFT experiences with Crypto Kitties, the NFT resurrection, discord in 2018 vs today, and why people are not late for NFT. Enjoy!

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41 Replies to “Business Tips: 98% Of The World Haven't Heard About NFTs Yet”

  1. NFTs are a scam.

    The tech behind them is powerful, but the "Art" NFT market is a market of suckers and cons. It's just a modern day pyramid scheme.

    Learn to code. Learn how to create smart contacts and Blockchain technologies. You'll provide a valuable service. But run from buying NFTs.

  2. Truly, honest who understood what they just said about this subject? Are they suppose to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and
    Steve Wozniak? I don't think so.

  3. I came here to learn about NFT but got two men in A convoluted conversation trying to build their reputation in this field. What's more appalling. It sounds like a lot of made up fabrications that goes off on several tangents; meant to be created into something to invest your hard earn money in based off their judgement expertise. With public expertise comes books authors and other speaking engagement for money. As the proverbial saying goes, "Throw everything at the wall to see if it sticks."

  4. @GaryVee you should check out the NFT project called Primate Social Society, its from a female Artist, she has a amazing Artstyle not like the pixelart or other project. They also want to plant trees with the some profit they made and they will make some more upcoming projects

  5. NFT’s don’t work for me. The gas fees are crazy. I watched all these videos, watched the hype. I said ok, I listed an NFT, paid $100 in gas and nothing ever happened again. They need better use cases or nobody will touch them. They’ve already rubbed me the wrong way.

  6. NFT's are for RICH PEOPLE. It's like trying to tell your audience to start investing in Fine Art. Gary, wake up, most of your audience still live with their parents and can't afford shit.

  7. NFT’s suck and are for hardcore dorks. I don’t care how much money you can make how much they could be worth. I would turn down 100 million dollars just to prove NFT’s are trash, made up, hype for hardcore dorks. I will keep my integrity, I will not give in to this lame trend. Fuq your NFT’s

  8. I wanna learn how to create them! I don't think I have any idea yet my mind is blown in so many possible directions bits so facinatinating! In due to learn and do something new! I can see it being a very big potential investment that may tie into or tye into what I'm doing. It's like another path along the way. I see allot of potential, you are an amazing visionary I'm so grateful to have you along the journey.

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