Business Tips: Why and How You Need to Stop Criticizing Yourself

Business Tips: Why and How You Need to Stop Criticizing Yourself

Awesome Tip: Why and How You Need to Stop Criticizing Yourself

So many of you are judging yourself because somebody put a voice of pure negativity in your head and now you’ve confused it for your own. Please, take a step back, understand that if you think you suck, everybody else sucks too, they just like to hide it.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

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44 Replies to “Business Tips: Why and How You Need to Stop Criticizing Yourself”

  1. It's hurts how much I have to hype myself, just to get out of bed, with the weight of my past and failures/faults. I only hear the negative , even in my mémoires, it seems only pain lingers. I've tried so many therapies but my consistencies are always destroyed by another failure, do I just get back up on The horse, the voice in my head and those around me tell me I shouldn't bother or it won't amount. How do I let go of the feeling of judgement or the past indifferences.

  2. I suddenly understand what u meant by “fuck the jets”, and love the process. “I want the fucking processing of trying”. Thank you! Everybody else sucks too.

  3. Glad I saw this video. What struck me is how we let other people's perceptions of us become our own perceptions of us. I can't do that to myself anymore. None of us deserve that. We each have the responsibility to love ourselves and do what makes us happy. And when someone puts us down, whether for a legitimate or stupid reason, it's our responsibility to let it slide. Don't internalize it. Speak up! Easier said than done. Just have to keep emphasizing this point.. over and over and over again.

  4. This is so home for me Gary I was literally sitting here crying about how I didn’t believe in myself and my music career because of comparison and judging myself As a young man you know it’s hard to actually love the process of anything so this was very enlightening

  5. No speaker I have come by has ever made “enjoying the process” just for the sake of enjoying it, move me as much as you have Gary. U r great Gary, I feel so happy I found u, I mean it

  6. Everyone else sucks too. That’s what struck me. We put pressure on ourselves to live up to an expectation. No one else is living up to the perfect expectation. Embrace where you are at and live the process.

  7. Enjoyed it.
    Doing what I love and I don't give two fucks about the future, what will be will be.
    I'm eating "shit", sleeping at a horrible crappy apartment, I have one pair of socks.
    My living conditions are poor as fuck.
    And I'm happy.

  8. Do something that makes you happy. Love the process, result will take caee of itself. Everybody sucks they might be just better at faking than you!

    I got garyv high!

  9. What struck me is my whole life I've judged myself for not being perfect, liking to pimp and wear masculine clothing, and just.ovwrall being a human being. I never felt like I was enough. I had finally gotten the courage to be myself and just go all in on that and then I got nay sayers coming around me and them they judged me and though I was transgender. That came into question and I started believing that I was and had a whole crisis and almost committed to that belief. But then I found that God made me just the way he wanted me to be. Nothing needs to be added or taken away. Nothing needs to be changed or upgraded. I have accepted myself and now I'm to a point where I realize the whole key to connection and being just who you are. Telling people what you've been through does not scare them away. It actually deepens the connection because it creates a scenario where people are able to relate to you. The see the real you and that is not something that can be taken away. Some people will not like you but it isn't any of your business. Its up to you to decide that you are worth the love that you do get and that there is more than enough for everyone else. Contentment comes from that fact because now you don't feel the need to do anything more to prove that you are worthy of love. You now know that you have it and have always had the ability to have it. Just keep doing what you do and the rest will fall into place. Loving what you do comes from loving yourself. You have to love yourself in order to love what YOU do. Not what anyone else does. It only seems like other people have cooler jobs, clothes, cars or a higher status because your perception of that person is blown out of proportion to the image that you have of yourself. You too are larger than life. It sounds cliche, I know. You only go as far as you believe that you will get. You just can't look up and compare yourself to anyone else. And you cannot care at all about how the world views you. Their perception is based solely on their beliefa what they've encountered in life and how they feel about themselves. Not everyone is a hater. I had to realize that, too. The biggest hater that I ever had was myself. That was my perception. Why does everyone hate me? But no, I hated me. Because I did not like my body, my looks, my quirks, my way of socializing… Pretty much everything. And I made it hard for people to love me. I didn't have friends. I didn't socialize authentically. And everything was pretty much a battlefield. But the truth is, the battlefield lies only in your mind. Everyday I would wonder, well what is it? What's wrong with me? Why do I keep losing jobs? Why haven't I taken off yet? Why haven't I been able to commit to a loving relationship? Why haven't I finished school? Why haven't I been able to just be happy?… It was my mentality. Your thoughts become you feelings, which becomes your words, which becomes your actions, which becomes your character, which becomes your destiny. You can change your destiny at any time. And it does not matter how long it takes. Worry and anxiety is created by a negative perception of yourself and your ability to handle life. This belief probably comes from your parents or those who have been around you in stages of development like your "friends". Or it could've been an experience that you didn't anticipate which knocks you off of your balance a bit and depending on how you are used to reacting to situations maybe even decreased your confidence. Its always ok to fuck up. we are human beings that's what fuck we do. Insecurity is an illusion. Jealousy is misdirected ambition. Vengeance is a natural reaction to rejection: love not reciprocated. The need for validation or our way to cope with inevitable feelings of inadequacy caused by social construct once outside of that. Validation is inside out not the other way around. When people play love games, or toss love aside once offered, it's because they didn't want love on the first place. It isn't always you. A human being on this planet is just as deserving of love as the next person no matter what they have. And forgiveness is the key. Sometimes, people don't know what you're going through and assume that you are better off than them and treat you like steel when in face there isn't a single cell of that in your body. Your bones break, too. So don't be afraid to share your pain. And embrace other's as well. Forgive yourself. Rein in your darkness as well as your sun light. & PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD COULD SOMEBODY FOLLOW ME ON TIK TOK? @.rayasunshine

  10. "People shit on you and it goes through your head so you think you are shitting on yourself." – that hit me. Really need to stop giving a fuck even for a sec about what others think/say of me.

  11. I’ve had my instagram account for 7 months and just now hit 100 followers; I judge myself with what I’m posting all the time wondering if people will care or if I’m posting interesting stuff cause I’m afraid people will unfollow. I hate how I think I just gotta cut out the noise and just document. This is what successful people do

  12. There is "good judgment" when you need to watch & improve yourself, it's key to become at your best and it's "positive "
    but not harming yourself with "negative" judgment that will end up sabotaging your life and destroying yourself from inside 🙂
    while knocking at your head with bad words and inviting other judgers to knock it too.. how good life can be this way?

  13. "Other people are shitting on you, getting in your head, and you start to believe your shitting on yourself-"

    Maybe I don't hate certain aspects of myself as much as I thought I did- maybe not at all. Not all thoughts that come inside your head are a good idea to listen to, and if you've been spending most of your life listening to other people, then most of the thoughts you're thinking aren't really you. Its the memory of someone else's insecurity disguised as your own. I guess that means we're all just fronting insecurities taken from people doing the same thing, so none of it is actually real, we just have the consensus that it is… Like money, its precieved as powerful, but in actuality, its valueless and everyone is just playing pretend that it isn't.

  14. As long as I am alive, I wanna keep trying doing different things, trusting the process, and making something of me out of it. Pay the bills, be happy, support my family and parents, spread love and be just happy. I don't need the entitlement. The happiness arbitrage. Blessed to be alive October 2020

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